Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover

Never judge a book by it's cover

Good morning friends.

Did you ever try to take a picture of 5 people with 5 dogs standing only 3 feet back ?

The entire room was in a state of disarray.  We took 100 pictures and this was the best we got.  I kid you not, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas could not  have pulled this off.

Vanessa took this picture and basically was leaning back on one leg, using one arm to get it done.  It might not be a great picture quality wise, but the execution of the picture was artistic.

Hey man, when it comes to family, if you gotta bob and weave, you bob and weave.  On the left is Myriam, Raquel’s twin sister, and Vanessa’s younger sister, then comes Jorge, he’s big Papa, on the floor in the middle is Myriam’s son Raymond, in the middle of the couch with Henry on his lap, is Mryiam’s husband Raymond, yes his name is Raymond also.  On the far right with Sammy on one leg, and Patrick on the other leg staring at his human is the lethally handsome Scott Smith.

And friends with that, happy Sunday Funday.  Signing off for the morning and afternoon on day 78 in Puerto Rico, Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Mantra of the Day March 31st, 2015

” Opportunities are like trains, If you miss one, you’ll catch the next ”

– Dr. Harp Seal –

Trains and Opportunities