Happy Saturday From Upside Down Patreeko

Good morning friends.  Happy Saturday from upside down Patreeko.  Little Patreeko reminds us that if we remain positive we can handle whatever position life puts us in.  Have a great day. Tonight is movie Rewrite night.  I’m sure everyone can breathe now knowing that :)

Happy Satruday from Upside Down Patreeko

Mantra of the Day September 20th, 2014

Alibaba is coming public today on the New York Stock Exchange. Its the biggest IPO (Initial Public Offering ) in history. Alibaba is the largest E commerce company in the world. It’s truly the first time for investors to get direct exposure to consumers in China. Alibaba will Not be able to part of the US indices as it domiciled in China. Alibaba's IPO on September 19th, 2014