Happy Sunday From Sammy & Family

Friends you know how we love Sunday mornings.  What kind of morning is a Sunday Morning ?  Great question.   Sunday mornings are Newspaper and Coffee kind of mornings.   Where can we find Newspapers and Coffee ?  Another great question.   The Answer is on The Good News channel, http://www.everybodylovessammy.com/good-news-channel/

Friends we have added a ” Donate ” button on Everybody Loves Sammy’s Facebook Page, and on Dr. Harp Seal’s page.  If you are inspired by our work you can donate directly from Facebook now and still from the website.  In either case, whether you are inspired or not, the ELS and Dr. Harp Seal community will always be free for all to enjoy.   Lastly, whether we receive donations or not, ELS and Dr. Harp Seal will carry on indefinitely.

With that said, have a lovely Sunday.

Sundays with Sammy & Family

Mantra of the Day December 21st, 2014

Wide Open Spaces - No boundaries

The question of the day in the blogsphere was:

Howl at the Moon “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg Do you follow Ginsberg’s advice — in your writing and/or in your everyday life?

Giselle’s response is below, read on;

I found a way, to steal the sun from the sky… Long live that day that I decided to fly from the inside (Shinedown)

I also connect the Allen Ginsberg to another saying –

Dance like there is nobody watching
Love like you will never get hurt
Sing like there is nobody listening
Live like the it’s heaven on earth
And speak from the heart to be heard (William W. Purkey)

It is difficult to remember in this fast paced world, but there are often times I do break out, embrace the ‘inner moonlight’ the ‘dance like there is nobody watching’ embrace the freedom of judgment from others – it is an amazing feeling – as close to flying as I can get.