The Key to Freedom

Key to Freedom

There is a basic principal that if you accept will give you freedom beyond your wildest imagination.

The only thing that matter is what you think of yourself. That does not mean we are not open to suggestions. But we determine who we are. When you allow other people determine who you are, of course we feel anxious. And that anxiousness is a good thing. Its letting you know that its not natural to allow people to determine how you feel about yourself. .

Freedom is found is being who you are and knowing nobody determines who you are. Nobody has to succumb to what other people think of them and sacrifice who they really are. I would rather be alone and be who I am. And guess what, other people have taken that stand as well who would love a friend like you.

Point being, is nobody, and I mean nobody tells me who to be. I am always open for suggestions to improve myself, but at the end of the day, I am me and only me. As a result of that I am one of the most free people on earth.

Please free yourself from stereotypes. Nobody has the right paint you into a corner. Break free from the chains that bind you, our opinions of ourselves are paramount to anything else.

Sincerely, Scott Smith for Sammy & Family

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