Thank you for the birthday wishes March 14, 2013

313449_592059660824234_705832271_nGoodnight friends. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Birthday or no birthday, we can’t help but to think how our animal friends are doing out there. We pray for the animals being mistreated or neglected, and we remind them, they are not alone. Their lives mean a great deal to us, we know they deserve better. As always we pray for the animal victims of these senseless sporting events counting on their anguish and inevitable demise. God did not put these creatures in this life to suffer for our amusement. To the animals kept in cages against their will, we keep them in the forefront of our thoughts. It must be easy to feel broken in a life like that. They deserve much better then that. We hear their voices and carry it with ours, there pain is our pain. We pray they get relief immediately. Never to forget the Pit Bulls out there put in harms way, so sad to see such incredible creatures disregarded like that. We pray for our friends the Harp Seals, dolphins, whales and all they endure. No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed. God watches over his angels. Amen. Love Sammy & Family

A Birthday Blast from the Past- March 14, 2013

644295_591657197531147_1151673262_n[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”] Good morning. In honor of Sammy’s Birthday today and being it is Throwback Thursday, we found this picture from the past, and added a birthday Theme to it.

Happy Birthday buddy, Thank you for making people’s lives from all of the world a little brighter each day. And thank you for being in my life and showing me what happiness means.

Happy Thursday.. [/pullquote]

Take time out for yourself March 12, 2013

71950_590898324273701_1662783785_nGoodnight sweet animal lovers. Another work day done. Just so you know, I’m including all stay at home Mothers in that as well. Lord knows how difficult of a job that is.

Everybody has daily peaks and valleys. We all “work” in our own way. Every day of our lives, we have obligations, worries finances, being there for our families and friends, taking care our children, grandchildren and pets. And of course, so many commuting every day to jobs that have become part of their lives, that afford them the things that they need just to get by.

Each day has its own challenges. Make sure to remember to take time out for yourself, to breathe and find peace of mind. Try to rejuvenate yourself daily, in whatever way works for you. Take on each new day, with a clear slate in your mind, focusing only on the day ahead of you.

Many people suffer with depression and anxiety every day. Anxiety and depression are diseases and they are not uncommon. When you suffer from these disorders, things can seem too overwhelming when looking at the larger picture. It’s important not to allow your mind to spend too much time in the past. The past is behind us. It’s also important not to worry too much ahead of ourselves, into the future. Day by day. Step by step. That’s the only way to get through at times.

We pray for those suffering with anxiety and depression tonight. We ask God to bring peace, to those whose minds know no rest. We ask him to sooth them with his love and allow these suffering souls, a reprieve, a new sense of hope and inspiration. If you find yourself in this category, we send you our love. We want you to know that you are not alone and that we are sending prayers for your strength to go on.
May God bless you all, tonight and always.

More prayers going out again, for a return to humanity. If you watch the local , national or global news, it’s clear to see that we have such a deep need for it. To see people committing such violent and ruthless acts against their fellow man and even on helpless, innocent animals, every day, still never ceases to be shocking. The capacity for such cruelty is beyond comprehension. We could and should be helping each other, in any way that we can, person to person. We should be building each other up, treating all living beings with love and compassion. This world could be so different and so beautiful, if only.

We have the potential for such greatness if we are working for the betterment of this world and of others. If we stand for truth and the strength of kindness, and all under the umbrella of peace, how can we lose?

Every life should be cherished and valued. Every beating heart should be treated equally and without prejudice.
We can start this as a movement of kindness. Think of the beautiful things that could happen for all living things. We pray for that. We pray for random acts of kindness on the part of all people. More love, more patience , more tolerance. The list goes on and on. The most amazing part about giving these things, is that they cost nothing to give, and yet they are the most priceless.

Scott always says, that if you look up the definition of an angel, you will see, that is exactly what animals are, angels on earth. Which brings me to our final prayer tonight, which is always for the animals. The animals are Gods most perfect creation. Each animal knows only to love. These beings are meant to be treasured and adored. They are meant to be handled only with gentleness and loved in return.

In too many countries, even our own, animals are being brutalized with no regard for their lives at all. Animals are being hunted for “sport” , used as bait and used as victims in dog fighting. Elephants, that we used to believe were treated like royalty in the “Circus”, we now know are being tortured and treated horrifically, so that they can do tricks for an audience. We pray for all of these innocent creatures and we pray for an end to this cruelty.

The horse and carriage industry is another very important cause to us. Horse drawn carriage rides, have for so many years, been a very “romantic” notion. But now that we know that these innocent, beautiful horses, are being abused and “worked to death”, all of the romance vanishes and all we can think to do is help these defenseless horses. We pray for an end to the horse and carriage industry. We pray that each of the horses that have been victims of this, run free again one day and feel the joy that they are meant to feel. God bless them.

No lives will go in vain. No pain will go unnoticed. Amen.

Love, Jessica Lee Smith
for Sammy & Family

Don’t listen to sad music when you are sad March 12, 2013

625617_590607684302765_1408512402_n[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”] ♫♫♫ Some say love it is a river — That drowns the tender reed – Some say love it is a razor — That leaves your soul to bleed ♫♫♫. Oh, hi. I didn’t see you, I was in the zone singing “ The Rose “ by Bette Midler.

Dr. Harp Seal once said “ If your sad, try not to listen to sad music “.

He is one practical Doctor. And with that, Happy Tuesday. [/pullquote]

TGIM March 11, 2013

540977_590173877679479_287989242_n[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”] Good morning. Dr. Harp Seal here. Just got a house call in upstate NY. Nonetheless, i said to myself ” Self, it’s Monday morning, despite the house call, you have an obligation to help chase the Monday blues away “. Tip of the day; let’s apply a little reverse psychology; TGIM = Thank God it’s Monday. [/pullquote]

Prayers for Willy Wonka’s Mom and her own mother March 10, 2013

310517_589964711033729_2131193759_nGoodnight everybody. We hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and that all is well with you and your loved ones.

We pray for a better world and a return to humanity. It is a sad testament that it takes pain to induce empathy for so many in this world. Many are born with it or taught it as babies, but too many will not have it, until they have been broken themselves. Empathy for all living things would solve so many things. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if the goal of humanity was to bring happiness and love to all of those in need? All of the people. All of the animals. Every living being.

It is an invaluable gift to us, to be able to pray with such a large group of good souls each night. We believe that the energy and love sent by so many, can be a very powerful thing. Maybe we can all make a difference. Together as a group.

Prayers going out tonight for our friend “Willy Wonka’s Mom” and her own Mother. We pray for healing for her Moms little “Peaches”, a beloved 6lb Pomeranian. Peaches has been very sick , suffering hair loss and moaning from some type of discomfort or pain. The veterinarian has yet to determine the source of the problem. We pray for relief from pain for Peaches and we pray for whatever is happening to her, to be cured. We send love to their whole family.

One of our great friends wrote today with a prayer request for her Sister and her Sisters cat. Her request came so much from her heart, that for us to change her words, would take away from it. The following is what she wrote…..

“Sammy kitty became a true love of my Sisters. She cared for, loved and cuddled this beautiful kitty child for 11 years. The face of Sammy was petite and stripped with grey and white and very unique green eyes. Never since, have I seen such a lovely kitty face. Yesterday, after a hard battle with serious health issues, Sammy Kitty passed away. Please keep Sammy Kitty in your hearts. She was lucky to have my Sister as her Mama”.

We ask for prayers for the comfort of this angels family and that little Sammy Kitty knows how much joy she brought to her loved ones. God bless her on her journey.

And for ALL of Gods purest and most beautiful creatures, the animals; We continue to pray for an end to the cruelty that too many of them endure, animal abuse, neglect and abandonment.
God did not put them on this earth to be treated this way. God wants more for them. After all, angels deserve no less. No lives will go in vain. No pain will go unnoticed. Amen. Goodnight.

Love, Jessica Lee Smith
for Sammy & Family

Prayers to the everyday heroes March 11, 2013

581720_590429180987282_1306466207_nGoodnight friends. Spring is around the corner. As beautiful as winter can be, the spring has its own tranquility and charm. The spring is in its own way represents a rebirth. The earth becomes alive again with warmer temperatures, vibrant colors and the greenest of the green grass.

Tonight we begin our prayers by sending our love and gratitude to the every-day-heroes in this life. The ones who many times go unnoticed but make an impact on this world for the better with their deeds. For those that speak the truth and stand up for what is right, regardless of the backlash. Those that rescue homeless animals and take them as their own, until they find a loving home for them, also Heroes. These people are saving lives every day and that is an invaluable thing. God bless the every-day-heroes. May God protect them throughout their journeys.

Very strong prayers going out to the men and women of this country, that live every day risking their own lives , to protect our freedom and the freedom of so many generations to come. There are so many families missing Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, sons and daughters. These people are making the ultimate sacrifice for us. Let us never forget that. Let us always remember to pray for our soldiers and their families. God bless them and bring them home safely.

The most heartfelt and strongest prayers being sent tonight for Julie and Danny Doyle, on the sudden passing of their beautiful little angel , their son Patrick, lovingly referred to as “Patpat. Julie is the writer and owner of the Facebook page and blog, “The Progressive Parent”. She is an amazing woman. Patpat was only 14 months old and passed away in his sleep from (SUCD) Sudden unexplained childhood death. The love these parents have for all of their children, is just so beautiful. She allows the reader into her life everyday through The Progressive Parent and has shown nothing but love, grace, strength and beauty. God bless this family and ease their pain. God hold Little Patpat closely and cradle him until they meet again.

And for all of gods most precious creatures, the animals, wild and domestic, from all over the world, being abused, being abandoned, being killed for sport. For the animals, we pray everyday without tiring, because they are the innocent ones. They cannot defend themselves. They deserve love and safety. No lives will go in vain. No pain will go unnoticed. Amen.
Love, Jessica Lee Smith for Sammy & family