Officer Danny and Rosalina May 14, 2013

601909_173374249493568_1826436086_nOfficer Danny and Rosalina. These two have a little encounter as well. Officer Danny attempts to blackmail Rosalina by saying he would tell her father about what she was doing when she snuck into the Corrupted City as well as intentionally tell the police of her home town of what she was doing instead of just arresting her himself [ simply to bring more shame to Rosalina when the people who she grew up around would witness her arrest and hear of what she did themselves ]. He stated he would do this unless she did him a sexual favor. Rosalina at this point would become quite violent towards anybody who made her loose her temper, police officer or not. This disgusting notion certainly did make her flip out, so she attacked him. After a solid fight and after Rosalina was able to pack in a few savage bites to Danny’s face, she fled, knowing she wouldn’t be able to beat him on her own with her current fighting experience and over all physical strength. Luckily she got away.

Edit : I forgot Danny’s scar on his left eye. You can see this scar in [ ] < this picture.

American Girl Doll Dilemma September 16, 2012

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”] So, I’m in an “American Girl Doll” Dilemma. My little girl is going to be 4 on the 1st. She LOVES them and wants them so badly. Is anyone out there getting rid of any AGD dolls bc they were outgrown? I would love to see that smile. I’ll pay all shipping etc.Only if UR throwing them out or giving away. XO  [/pullquote]

September 10, 2012

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”] Good morning. You would think nobody has seen a Pomeranian-Seal before. Happens everyday in this town. I guess this is what Alicia Keys meant in 2009, when she sang, ♬♫♬ “Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of ” ♬♫♬  [/pullquote]

February 16, 2013

485299_144601115704215_632063052_n[ WARNING : Strong Language and Violent Themes ]
“The dogs around here are pretty stupid.. Safe town or not. They should know not to be walking around alone at night!” The older thief whispered. This pup was a greenland dog with yellow and white fur. His blue eyes were locked onto the poodle who obliviously continued walking. “Well don’t complain! Their stupidity is to our advantage, right? Now, where’s his wallet..” The younger thief whispered back, scanning the poodle. This thief was a tamaskan with green and white fur. This coloring wasn’t natural but it WASN’T from dye.. The yellow greenland pup perked his ears and muttered quietly “I see it. It’s right on the back of his collar, bein’ covered by that fluff of is..” As the poodle turned and began walking into an alley, the tamaskan pup stood. “Ok. Lets go.” The tamaskan said, slowly trotting out of the bushes and after their target. The older thief followed straight after him.

It was a long alley and at the end, right off to the side, was the entrance to another alley leading back onto a connecting street. The two pups began to walk quicker and slowly started to run as the poodle approached the entrance to the next alleyway. The green tamaskan pup was about to sprint forward and leap on him when suddenly a cloaked figure jumped out from the shadows of the next alleyway, quickly pinning the poodle down. Padgett yelled “AHH!! GET OFF OF-“. He was cut off as a knife was pressed to his face. “Shut up or your DEAD. Give me your wallet and I MIGHT not take your life.” The cloaked dog said. The two thief’s stopped right in their tracks, having to take a moment to register what just happened. As the poodle unhooked the wallet from the back of his collar and shakily handed it to the smaller dog on top of him, the green pup barked loudly. “HEY!!! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” He asked angrily, the necklace he wore swaying from side to side. The cloaked dog quickly glanced up to the two canines standing before her, momentarily examining them.Both pups wore hateful sneers. The other dogs face however was obscured by the shadows of its cloak, so its expression could not be read. “… I could ask you the same thing. What are you? Justice crusaders coming to save the civilian? Get lost.” She said. Both thieves quickly heard the femininity in her voice. She also sounded rather young. The older thief narrowed his eyes “Excuse me?!” He growled to her. The younger thief shook his head and began to walk closer. “Nope. WE came to get that wallet also and we won’t be leaving without it.” He said grimly, he knew that they were probably going to have to fight for that wallet now. Not that he was worried. The cloaked dog paused then began to laugh. “Are you serious?” She asked and suddenly flipped the hood of the cloak over her head, revealing her to be a brown and white husky. She had two blue spots on her forehead and blue ear tips. She also appeared to be a little bit under their age. Her purple eyes gleamed as light shined off of them. “Well thats awkward and all..but finders keepers, losers…GET FUCKING LOST!” She yelled profanely, flashing a deranged grin at the two older pups. The poodle who the husky had been pinning down was dead silent, too scared to scream for help as the knife was still pressed against his face. The yellow pup raised his shoulders in anger then looked to the younger green pup. The green pup returned the gaze before looking back at the husky and smirking. “Do you honestly think that we are going to let some girl tell us what to do?” He growled, taking another step forward. Suddenly the young husky slammed her knife down, almost hitting Padgett but instead, jamming it into his collar to keep him pinned to the ground. She didn’t want to kill him just yet. The husky’s face still held an arrogant smirk as she walked closer to the tamaskan,. “If you want to keep your throats intact, I’d suggest you did.” She hummed softly and nodded

The tamaskan became slightly annoyed with how unintimidated the husky was but he wasn’t going to attack her just yet. He had SOME ethics. Morals. His mother DID instill in him after all that you can NEVER hit a girl. Perhaps he’d make an exception but only if the younger pup didn’t comply. The young tamaskan sighed “Listen, Sweetheart. That is OUR target and being that WE saw him first, that is OUR wallet. A dumb broad’s never known how to handle money anyway. So you should just hand it over now and run along.. I don’t want to bruise your pretty little face.” He said, tilting his head at her whilst he flashed a sly smile. The brown husky looked indifferent. “Thats funny. Cause I want to bruise yours.” She retorted. Within the blink of an eye, the husky balled her paw and punched the green tamaskan in the face as hard as she could. He yelped at the sudden pain in his face and jerked backwards. He rubbed his face with his paw “Gutsy bitch.. How dare you..!”. He growled. The husky only giggled. The yellow pup wasted no time and rushed forward. “WE SAID SCRAM!” He yelled and jumped at her, fangs bared. Padgett , the poodle that was their target, had been frozen for a few moments but now tried to take advantage of the situation. He shifted slowly and started trying to get the knife unstuck from his collar.

The husky head-butted her yellow opponent then clamped her jaws down onto his neck, throwing him aside and watching him as he rolled away from her. There was a reason that the older pup wasn’t the brawn of the two thieves, he was way too scrawny to take on literally anybody. Her giggle quickly turned into a cackle. “Pathetic! You two HONESTLY have the gall to challenge m- … Whoa whoa, what’s goin’ on?” She asked, dumbfounded as she found herself being lifted off of the ground by … nothing at all. She noticed a blue aura around herself and looked forward to see, the green tamaskan’s eyes closed tightly and the gem on his necklace glowing a bright blue. “What.. kind of fucking voodoo is this?!” She growled desperately as she attempted to get out of whatever grasp he had on her. The yellow pup snickered and looked up at her as the green furred one walked forward, making sure to focus on keeping her in the air. “Tsk tsk tsk. I warned you….”. The tamaskan muttered, suddenly looking very angry. The husky stared daggers at the tamaskan before her eyes darted to movement far behind him. It was Padgett. He was sneaking out of the ally. Her eyes widened and she began to struggle even more violently, pointing at the sneaking poodle. “THAT POODLE! MY TARGET!”

The young tamaskan’s concentration was broken by her panicky movements and suddenly she was dropped to the floor, the blue aura disappearing. “Wha-” The tamaskan was cut off as the husky nearly knocked him over, quickly running after the poodle. Both the tamaskan and the greenland dog, whipped around to see that the poodle had gotten unpinned from his spot and had been running away but the husky jumped at him. “SOMEBODY HEL-” “SHUT IT.” The husky snapped and slammed her paw down on the poodles face again, stopping his plea. He didn’t have too much muscle on him, allowing the young husky to pin him very easily once more. The older pup ran up beside her almost immediately but the tamaskan was a bit more hesitant in approaching. “Uh… Good eyes.” The tamaskan said, shamefully. He realized how screwed they could have been if she hadn’t noticed. The husky narrowed her eyes at him, unamused. “Hmph. Yes. Yes I do have good eyes. Just another one of the many differences between me and you two.” She said arrogantly. The tamaskan looked somewhat..confused by this remark but left it be. The greenland pup slowly raised his paw and opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off by the husky. “BY THE WAY, I would have totally kicked YOUR ass if this bastard wasn’t fleeing, greeney.” She barked aggressively at the tamaskan but made sure not to be too loud.. Despite being in a rather isolated part of the town at the moment, cops patrolled all over the place in safe little towns like this and there might have even been civilians close by. She didn’t want anybody to hear them, especially not the cops. The green tamaskan beamed at her “I bet.” He said and subconsciously flicked his necklace with his paw. The husky paused,watching his necklace sway then growled “I bet the only reason that you were gonna use..whatever the hell kind of voodoo that was because you knew you couldn’t win otherwise. Do you cheat very often, greeney?”
“Ey, what the hell are you yapping about, princess?! First of all it isn’t voodoo but voodoo or not I wouldn’t HAVE to use it to take down your boney ass.” The tamaskan pup rebutted. “Then why did you?” The husky countered. The greenland pup barked quickly before they could bicker anymore “OKAY, okay.. Listen, lets just figure out what we are going to do with this poodle first.. THEN we can bicker and fight all we want.”
“What do you mean “figure out what we are going to do with him”? We just kill him. Plain and simple.” She spoke, flatly. The poodle tried to scream and thrash around but the husky allowed none of that. The green male perked his ears momentarily and the older, yellow pup winced, protesting. “Woah woah.. kill..? That’s … that’s a little extreme. I mean we’re only taking his money. We don’t need to take his life too!”. She just stared at him with an expression that screams “are you kidding me?”. The husky spoke quickly “That’s why people know more about you then me…. I know who you two are..” The yellow male looked confused and she continued “You obviously don’t read the newspapers. A lot of dogs in this general area know a LOT about you. From your fur colors to your build. I’d know because I’ve read about you…. Have you heard about that serial killer they call.. “Youth Demon?”” Both of them quickly nodded. “Everyone on the street talks about him and all the terror he’s causin’ or whatever.. How could we not?…Wai- What the hell is your point anyway? What does that even have to do with anything?” The green tamaskan asked, annoyed that the husky was asking such an irrelevant question and suddenly tensed by the fact that dogs have gotten down their appearances. The husky smiled a little “Her.” She said. “What?” The tamaskan asked, looking confused.

“I’m Youth Demon. That killer who roams from town to town? Thats me.” She stated, emotionlessly. The poodle started to thrash under her even more. He’d read about the brutality of the crimes she committed. He didn’t want to be gutted, decapitated or anything like that. His screaming remained muffled though and his efforts continued to be in vain. The older pups eyes were wide and he subconsciously backed up, he much like Padgett, heard of the crimes she committed as well. The husky watched the yellow thief in disgust and the tamaskan narrowed his eyes at his accomplice as well. “Pussy.” He snarled. The green tamaskan killed once, what’s the big deal? He thought to himself. The husky rolled her eyes “My point is.. One of the many reasons that everybody is so afraid of me is because they know hardly ANYTHING about me..Well, except for the fact that I’m young. Ya know why? Cause I kill my targets and any moron who may have seen me! ..Oh, and also because I wear this AWESOME cloak.” She said and grinned, pawing the dark blue fabric of her cloak. “But look at you guys! You guys are too soft to kill and too dumb to put on a disguise. Now if anybody who read the newspaper saw you, they’d know it was you two and they’d send the fuzz straight in your direction!” She snarled and pressed down on the poodles face, unintentionally. The tamaskan protested “Hey! I’M not soft! I was the one who wanted to kill the people we robbed in the first place but this idiot whined at me like a little bitch!” He growled at the yellow dog, but didn’t comment on the disguise thing as admittedly.. neither of them had thought of that. She was kinda right about them being dumb in that sense, the tamaskan thought. The yellow dog only sneered and the husky barked “Well this one sounds like a moron! Why are you listening to him?!” She asked. The tamaskan growled “Cause he also made a good point! Eye witness reports about our appearances are one thing. We could change how we look but if we killed someone, some sort of dna from us could get on them and hiding the body would also be difficult as hell! Then the police would come, find the body and that dna and it would make it even easier for them to get us! Can’t change your freaking DNA, can you?! ” The husky grinned “Thats really easy. Leave that to me… Yellow boy, go get my knife” She ordered the yellow pup who hesitantly went to retrieve it. The poodle continued to growl from beneath the husky , tears quickly forming in his eyes, realizing it was helpless. “Greeney, just hold him down and his mouth closed. Maybe you could do it with your voodoo witchcraft?. I wanna do the honor of killing him and I don’t wanna be bothered with keeping him pinned right now. I’ll make it quick don’t worry.” She said then snickered sadistically at the poodle. The tamaskan did as she said, without a second thought but growled “It isn’t freaking voodoo.” He began to concentrate hard, the gem on his necklace glowing again as the poodle was pinned to the ground by his telekinetic abilities. His muzzle was also held closed as a blue aura shined around him.
“What’s that voodoo boy? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your voodoo.” She said and snorted. The oldest pup slowly walked back and handed her the knife hesitantly. The husky simply sliced Padgett’s throat and his muffled barks seized. She shrugged and barked. “Done.”. She quickly licked the blood off the knife and placed it in one of the pockets of her cloak. The tamaskan immediately stopped concentrating on the now deceased dog and looked to his friend “See? We could’ve just been doing that the whole time to save ourselves some anonymity or whatever..Was that anything to be guilty about? Not like he suffered..” He said casually. The greenland dogs face was pale, he’d never witnessed a dogs death before, let alone a murder. He suddenly felt sick to his stomach but he resisted the urge to vomit whilst watching the blood trickle down the dead poodles neck.

“Yes it is.. We just took.a HIS LIFE. Not his money, not his possessions , his LIFE. HES DEAD.” He shouted at his friend. The green tamaskan stared at him then responded “Yes I know that… Do I look like a moron to you?”
“Have you ever killed anybody before?! How are you so nonchalant about this?!”
“It’s none of your fucking business, pal o’ mine.” The tamaskan growled at the greenland dog, believing he had no right to ask him this even though it was no big deal to him regardless. The greenland dog whimpered and put his paws over his face “Oh my god… My parents..What would they think of me?! I LET HIM GET KILLED, I HANDED HER THE KNIFE. I’M A MURDERER NOW TOO! I’m going to go to hell for this! I BET BEELZEBUB IS SAVING A SPECIFIC SPOT FOR ME IN HELL RIGHT NOW!!” He whined in despair and felt extreme guilt for what he let happen, collapsing to the pavement.

“Oh boo hoo~. Why don’t you go cry about it?” The husky and the tamaskan taunted in unison. They both looked at each other then grinned, high-fiving each other. Or in this case, high-pawing. The yellow pup’s eyes suddenly got wide “Oh no.. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH THE BODY NOW?!”
“I already told you.. Leave THAT to me…” She looked as if she was going to pick up the body herself but then she quickly snapped “GREENEY, pick up the body with your witchcraft and follow me, I know a spot! Quickly now! A pig could come around the corner at any second.” She responded and began to walk out of the alley, heading toward the forest that was on the border of the sidewalk across from it. The tamaskan winced and began to concentrate hard once again. “It isn’t WITCHCRAFT.” He muttered before lifting the body with his powers. He would have originally just carried the body himself but he figured that he needed to practice these still foreign abilities of his. He tried to do this as quickly as he could whilst trying not to drop the body, as the husky’s mention of police got him a bit paranoid about the fact that there could be some in the area right at that moment. Luckily, they had been right next to that forest, so they didn’t have to lurk around in Fidottien with the body in plain sight for more then 3 minutes. After at least 15 minutes of walking through this forest, they arrived at a river with a large waterfall at the end of it. The husky grinned “All right voodoo boy, you ca-” She didn’t even have to finish her sentence. The green tamaskan threw the body into the river and panted violently. That type of persistent concentration was vital for mastering the powers of his necklace but it was tiring and it drained energy from him rather quickly. “..n drop it in..” She continued her sentence subconsciously and flattened her tail as she watched the body float down the river and immediately down the waterfall. The tamaskan very quickly backed away from the river,eyeing it nervously before growling “I thought you said we could “leave it to you”!” He muttered, obviously referring to her making him carrying the body. “I lied.” She said, smiling sweetly. “I don’t get it, Greeney, you don’t like being a gentlemen and carrying things for a lady? ARE YOU A MISOGYNIST?” She questioned quite loudly, taking advantage of being in the middle of a desolate forest.
“No but in the time that we’ve been in each others presence, I think you’ve driven me to become one.” The tamaskan muttered, flicking his tail.The greenland pup walked right along the river and discovered that the waterfall was flowing into a bay. He winced. “Throwing a body in a bay..Seriously? The police will definitely find that! Ever heard of a boat before, darling? ” The greenland pup asked, feeling paranoid. The tamaskan suddenly got a bit nervous as well with the greenland dogs comment. The husky quickly shook her head “No they won’t. The bay down there has sharks. Big ones too. That body would have gotten eaten before the police could even think to look there.” She responded. This response put the tamaskan at ease. Then the greenland dog asked “But what if they DID look there before it was eaten by sharks?”
“They haven’t yet and they won’t start now.”
“But what if they DO start now?”
“NO ONE EVER GOT ANYWHERE BY THINKING OF “WHAT IF” SITUATIONS, YELLOW BOY.” She snarled, irritated. The oldest pup didn’t listen though. “No but seriously, the police have found some of your bodies before, so they’ve found some of your hiding spots..-”
“And if this is one of your hiding spots, they’ll find this too-”
“And once they find this too, they’ll be watching this area for anymore bodies being dumped in the bay.
“And once they’re already watching the area, they’ll be able to find a body before it’s eaten!”
“But what if they are ALREADY watching the area and what if its THIS body?!”
“…… Shut up.” The tamaskan finally growled at the greenland dog.

The female snickered in amusement and shook her head “Anyway, come to think of it, even if they do find this body, WHICH THEY WONT..but if they do, the water would have already washed away our scent anyhow and a scent was going to be all they would have found in the first place… All they would find is a cause of death, not any links to WHO caused it..Nothing to worry about.” She said. Gemini winced “But…but..but they could find something! DNA of some sort! Don’t they have the far-an-soc tools? Those tools can find anything, even if the body was in water!” He said, mispronouncing forensic. She glared at him “There’s no such thing as forensic tools, dumb ass.. Those were just fairy tale tools that came along with the stories of the hairless apes. Not real. Thats why they were in a book in the first place, it was fiction. The head pack just lies about having them so they can scare dogs like us into abiding by the rules… The only things the police are able to link to somebody that could prove them as the killer are teeth marks, claw marks, or scent..or furs too, possibly.. but they can’t do that if it was washed away, right? And we didn’t bite or claw him… I mean, fuck, didn’t you know that? Damn, you’re dense. Now shut your face, paranoid mutt.” The husky snarled at Gemini, hoping this little elucidation would keep him quiet. He finally did and looked away for a moment. “Ahem.. Now what about that wallet?” The green tamaskan growled. The husky stared at him blankly, trying to look oblivious but then frowned, realizing the tamaskan knew for a fact that she had the wallet. “Ugh..FINE. Even though I did most of the work…” She muttered.The green tamaskan narrowed his eyes at her comment. The husky took out the poodles wallet from one of her pockets. She took out the money and counted it. She looked surprised “…This fucker had 1500 dollars just in his wallet!” She threw aside the now empty wallet and stared at the money in her paws. They weren’t 1’s, they were 100’s but still it seemed like a rather excessive amount of money to her. No, it WAS a rather excessive amount of money. Gemini looked confused “…Thats…. NOBODY carries that much money in their wallet. EVER.. I-I don’t care if he was an aristocrat, who the hell does that?” He said, sounding completely befuddled. The tamaskan rolled his eyes and walked forward, grinning “I don’t know and I don’t care.” He stated and held out his paw. The husky looked annoyed “Well together, I guess you guys would get 1000 and I would get 500, just so this is.. even, I guess.. Not what I was hoping to get out of this but whatever.” She said grudgingly and slammed the 1000 dollars into the tamaskans outstretched paw. She was greedy and even though 500 was good, it wasn’t enough for her. Nothing ever was. The tamaskan grinned as a blue light flashed from beside him and suddenly a wallet appeared from out of nowhere. It levitated and was surrounded by a blue aura, this blue aura was also emanating from the gem on the tamaskan’s necklace once again. The tamaskan levitated the money into the wallet and with another flash of blue light, the wallet was gone. The husky sneered and simply placed her money in her pocket. “Voodoo boy just loves his witchcraft doesn’t he?”.

The tamaskan rolled his eyes “My name is Makani, sweetheart.. Save the name voodoo boy for somebody who actually does it.. This guy over here is Gemini, as you may have noticed.” He stated, pointing at the oldest pup behind him. Gemini snapped out of his thoughts and looked over at them, simply frowning. Makani rolled his eyes at his friends expression then looked to the husky. “And your name is?” He asked, swaying his tail. The husky stared at him for a moment before smirking. “The name’s Nashira. I’m just curious, what are you two doing?” She asked and narrowed her eyes. Makani looked confused. Nashira continued “I mean.. You guys are robbing people right? Pretty often too? What are you two saving up for?” She asked. It was a reasonable question and Makani didn’t know how to answer it. “…I dunno.. I haven’t really thought about that.. I think we are just working together to get a ton of money and once we get enough, we will go our separate ways in the end, both of us taking a good amount of the money we made doing this shit and using it how we want.. Right now I’M just trying to get by. Survive.. I have no goal right now, if thats what your asking.. Not looking to go anywhere nor do anything specific..” He said slowly, unsurely almost. Gemini seemed to agree with this though as he nodded. Nashira flattened her ears “Are you guys brothers or something?” She asked and Makani snorted “No. Friends. We met like..5 months ago when I saved his ass from some asshole who was about to crack his skull because he had tried to steal money from the guy all on his own. And lets be honest.. a boney runt like this guy could never have been expected to succeed at that. After that, he and me just started robbing people together as obviously he couldn’t have done it by himself .. Grabbing their wallets and running was all he thought we had to do but killing our targets would have been smarter.. If only the fuckin’ idiot listened to me..” He growled, glaring at Gemini who only hung his head momentarily.

She giggled a little “Suppose you guys are a little like me then.. I kill just so I can take their money.. Sometimes for fun, but I digress.. Survival is my main goal.. but it’s not my only goal.. Beyond survival, I have another goal.. I want to get power.. NOT VOODOO WITCHCRAFT POWERS.. but actual power. I’m gonna keep killing and killing. As long as I kill dogs, I’m gonna get feared. Being feared will surely get me power.. They’ll all be much too scared to say no to me! Yeah… They’ll see who’s in charge.. They’ll FUCKING SEE who they said that to..and they’ll realize… Yep.” She began to laugh manically to herself. Gemini stared at her, fearfully. He had no idea who ‘they’ were. Neither did Makani, but unlike Gemini, he didn’t care. Nashira’s laughter slowly died down and she barked “Well, thanks for this interesting experience, boys. Good luck to ya’.. Gonna need it.” She smirked, turning and walking back toward the direction of the town, her cloak dragging right behind her. Makani watched her, ears perked forward. He pondered on her words for a bit then whispered to Gemini. “She should join us.. She’s got the right idea!” Gemini jumped up “Huh?!” Makani continued “Like I said, we haven’t had a real goal! I hardly even know what I’m going to want to do in the future! But she knows what its all about.. What this all comes down to.. Power.. Yeah.. I want power! Besides, she could be really useful! She HAS killed tons of times in the past! We could use her experience!”. Gemini shook his head “No, man! You heard about what she’s done to dogs! She’s really dangerous and that isn’t necessarily a good thing for us! What if got angry with us?! She’d probably cut off our- ” “Hey Nashira!” Makani called out, completely ignoring Gemini. The female stopped and glanced back at the tamaskan. “What’cha want?” She raised an eyebrow as he quickly walked forward. “You should join us!” He said. Nashira blinked idly at his words. “What?” She asked. Makani nodded to her “We need somebody like you. Someone clever and quick on their paws. Someone who knows good places to hide bodies. Someone who doesn’t fucking WHINE IF THEY KILL SOMEBODY IN THE FIRST PLACE. Besides, I’m getting real sick of listening to Mr. “What if” over there all the time..” He said, looking to Gemini once more. Gemini wanted to reply but was too disgusted by how little of a deal Makani made over having just been involved in killing somebody and how casually he could think about killing more people in the future. How he was going to just nonchalantly befriend this currently notorious serial killer, went completely over Gemini’s head. It seems like he learned something new about his friend today though, he learned that he was a sociopath. Nashira looked generally confused “…I’m not sure. I’m so used to being a loner.. People’d just slow me down..” The husky said, lowering her ears. Makani smiled charmingly “Come on. If we work together, we could be much more effective. I like the idea of power.. You definitely got the right idea.. but we can’t get power ONLY by being feared.. There will be people who will wanna take you down.. and if your a loner it’ll be much easier for them to do so! When working together with somebody though, that would be a lot harder wouldn’t it? The bigger the numbers in a group, the harder they are to get rid of and the harder they are to get rid of, the more time they will get to work their way up to the power they want!” Makani barked, confidently. Nashira stared into his dark indigo eyes momentarily. She was very close to refusing but the promise of getting more power enticed her, regardless of wether she was going to have to share that power or not. “Fine. I’ll work with you. As long as you stay the same , Makani , as long as Gemini over there stops being a squeamish little bitch at the idea of killin’ a guy.. and as long as you both will be open-minded to my… styles of killing.. We’ll surely get along and we’ll get that power. Without any struggles or arguments, yeah? No strings attached.” She extended her right fore paw. It was the only paw of hers that was blue. Makani grinned and placed his paw on hers then looked to Gemini. “Get over here, Gemini! You in or not?! ” Makani shouted. Gemini paused.. He had a bad feeling about getting involved with the brown husky but power did sound good. It was a realistic goal to look for and even though he was definitely going to have to witness more deaths to accomplish that goal, he was going to listen to Nashira and try to stop being squeamish. He really had no other choice. Gemini could tell that Makani wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to associate with the female and if Gemini said no, he was almost certain that Makani would just kick him aside and stick with the husky instead. Makani and now Nashira, were the only two he was going to be able to rely on at that point. Even if he wanted to return to his parents, he completely lost track of where they lived. Either he stuck with these two or he’d just get torn to shreds on the streets. He’d get used to seeing dogs die, Gemini thought to himself. Surely he’d become desensitized, he hoped. Sociopaths could be made, couldn’t they? “Okay.” The oldest pup said, nodding slowly and walking over to the two younger pups , placing his paw on theirs. “I’m in.” Gemini mumbled quietly.

The country of Canorphia could have never seen what was coming its way when these dogs teamed up. It was an action that would eventually lead to the creation of a gang. A gang notorious for its crimes, for its brutality, for its fearlessness, for it’s.. youth. An evil arose.. That was the beginning of the Young Bloods pack.
– – –
Young Blood © Alexandra Garcy
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This is how Gemini and Makani met Nashira.While they were stalking their target Nashira had tried to take it from them, as it was her target as well.They got into a fight but eventually came to an agreement.They killed their target and throw his body in a river.Nashira stated that her true goal was to get power.Makani and Gemini had only been doing what they were doing to get by, they had no specific goal yet.There only concern was getting money so they could get what they needed to survive, which was mainly just food..but when Makani heard Nashira’s goal, he immediately wanted to make it his.Makani offered for her to join and after a moment of pondering, she accepted.Gemini was reluctant however…There was something how the husky that worried him.However power did sound good to him, so he agreed.This was a group made in hell and that is how the formation of the Young Bloods started.

Fun Fact : While drawing this picture I listened to “Pay For It” by Mindless Self Indulgence, over and over again. xD

The reason that Makani,Gemini,and Nashira look smaller in this picture is because they were younger when they met.

February 15, 2013

5708_144207269076933_690205885_n[ WARNING : Bloody Picture.Not for the weak of heart. ]

“Cry and scream all you want.It will not prevent your death..Maybe in your next life, you’ll be smart enough to not play with fire.”
– Charlotte , Young Blood ©
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Just another Charlotte picture.Different perspective.The quote is pretty self explanatory as to what exactly is happening and what it means.