Uncovering “The Middle Child Syndrome”

Uncovering the Middle Child Syndrome that’s riddled families for centuries by audio and text.

If you would like read the text version, here it is;

Good morning. Dr. Harp Seal here. Thanks for stopping by. So today, let’s talk about the Middle Chile Syndrome. I think we have figured out the never ending riddle within families.

Ok, the parents have their first child and are completely elated. You can almost here them saying; “ Oh my God, our child is so special, and we’re not just saying because its our kid “

Two or three years later, they have their second kid, being they just went through this with the first child, the novelty is not quite what is was. Additionally the parents have the day to day system down pat now. While the second child is just as loved, she or he did not receive the euphoric mentality that the first kid got.

Two or three years later again, the parents have their third child, still feeling kind of guilty form their slightly less efforts on child number 2, they RE – up their efforts for kid number 3.

In conclusion, Child number 3 has it best. The reason is; he gets the blissful welcome that child number 1 had, but even better than a warm welcome, the parents have a boatload of experience now from kid number 1, and kid number 2.

So its best to be kid number 3, then kid number 1, and then comes kid number 2.

If you are kid number 2, remember, you are just as loved. It’s just the way the cookie crumbled.

The Time Of Dr. Harp Seal

” Let them say I lived in the time of Dr. Harp Seal “

Let Them Say I lived in Time Of Dr. Harp Seal


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