The Movie Rewrite for “Hachi”


Did you ever wish in the movie, “Hachi” that life had been easier on him ?

Groundbreaking writing.

It’s interesting to note before the Rewrite begins at the end of the movie Hachi passes on and his soul is reunited with his owner. It reminded me of two other movies, “The Notebook,” when the couple fell asleep together and peacefully passed away. It also reminded me of the movie, “Braveheart” when William Wallace is killed and is reunited with his wife who died earlier.

With that said, the ending of the movie, “ Hachi “ was perfect. Nevertheless, the 9 years of him going back and fourth to the train station, waiting for his beloved owner was heart wrenching. Let’s rewrite some of that. 

Rewrite begins now;

“Hachi” was made in 2009 and the movie “Marley & Me” was made in 2008. So now back to 2009. Several months into that year, Hachi became a household name. People were in admiration of such loyalty. This went beyond the slogan, “Dog is man’s best friend”. Hachi struck a cord with the entire world.

Although 18 months had passed since Marley’s death, the Owen Wilson Character from “Marley and Me”, still couldn’t come to grips with his death. 

So the Owen Wilson Wilson character took a train from Florida into the very town in Rhode Island that Hachi waits for his fallen human dad everyday. His wife and kids were very upset when he boarded the train but understood this was a necessary voyage for closure about Marley’s passing.

It was just something that he had to do. The Owen Wilson character feels sad even thinking it but has to admit the truth to himself, as much as he loved his family, nothing could fill the void of Marley.  

Upon the Florida train entering the Rhode Island Town, The Owen Wilson Character sees Hachi from the window and is amazed at his focus. Months after the Richard Gere character of the movie “Hachi” dies, Hachi remains committed for a reunion. Despite his vigilance, Hachi was getting very lonely and disappointed each day.

When The Owen guy approaches the world renown dog, it was love at first sight. In the same way dogs smell fear, Hachi can smell the loss that The Owen guy felt over Marley. Even though Hachi and the Owen Wilson character guy are complete strangers, they had an immediate spiritual connection. The Owen guy was so happy, he kept saying, “You complete me. You complete me”. Hachi was literally howling and barking uncontrollably.

So the Owen Wilson character retrieves his mobile phone and goes to Google translate to figure out what the dog is saying. Leave it to Google, only they could’ve cracked the language barrier between man and dog.  So he puts his phone to Hachi’s mouth and the dog was saying, “We complete me, We complete me”. The Owen Wilson guy knew that Google’s translation sometimes gives the literal meaning and some of the translation gets lost in textation.

Nonetheless, the Owen Wilson guy liked that version better and was rejoicing with the dog shouting out, “We complete Me, We complete me.” — Owen assured Hachi that he will still meet the Richard Gere guy in the after-life, but for now in this life, their  journey will be together. 

Hachi was elated. He said to himself, I guess this is what they mean when they say, “Ask and you shall receive.” — The Richard Gere Character was now at peace in the after-life because he knew that his best friend Hachi was OK and they would meet again. 

Being the Owen Wilson guy “Paid it forward” for Hachi, the Richard Gere guy finds Marley in the after-life and puts Marley’s angst at ease. He told Marley, the Owen Wilson guy is doing great and its time to move on and we can move on together. Marley was thrilled, so thrilled that he introduced the Richard Gere guy to his two best friends, Lassie & Benji.

It’s relationships like this that inspired the expression, “Untied we Stand, Divided we fall.” 

Moreover, it’s relationships like this that inspired Barry Manilow to sing ♫♫♫ I can’t smile without you, I feel glad when your glad, I feel sad when your sad ♫♫♫. 

The End…. The movie still would’ve been great.

Raccoon Friends Say Goodnight

raccoonsOur Raccoon friends wanted to say goodnight. All families matter. We might be smarter than them, but that’s all that means, nothing else. Their lives are as important as ours.

Signing off from NYC. Thank you life for this day on; May 30th, 2014. Amen.


Picture is from Twitter name: @Minerva_Wild

“Titanic” Movie Rewrite


This is the Movie Rewrite for  “Titanic “, it’s a must read. Some say it’s the most revolutionary writing since Ink was created.

In the Rewrite, Jack and rose both survive the crash of the Titanic; got married and had 3 kids. After surviving, the family becomes obsessed with studying the original Titanic, and why it sank. Years later, they built a “New Titanic”, but even bigger this time, with no mistakes. It’s literally unbreakable. Additionally, Jack and Rose did away with the “ Steerage “section. The new Titanic, was all one section now. Still being very sensitive to the way steerage was treated, anybody that acted like a snob, was put on an unmanned dingy, ( a dingy drone if you will ) and brought to shore. Once the snob arrived on shore, he or she was required to take a class in Animal Welfare & Rescue, before returning home. It was such a success, that the family built 50 more ships and now call their cruise-liner company, ” The Titanic Express “. In order to board any of the ships you needed two things, firstly, an affordable ticket, secondly, you had to raise your right hand and swear “I am not a jerk. “ Not only did the new company become a benchmark for safety in the shipping world, but they led the charge in animal equality around the world. As a matter of fact, several of their ships were sent to Canada to combat seal hunting, other ships sent to Japan to fight dolphin, and whale slaughters. The movie still would’ve been great. The End.

“Cast Away” Movie Rewrite

Cast Away

Welcome to the Movie Rewrite of “ Cast Away “ This Rewrite is truly an Advanced Imagination exercise. It takes our brains and throws them on a treadmill.

Here we go. So we all remember Chuck (played by Tom Hanks ) was a (Type – A) Federal Express employee when it came to work, almost obsessed if you will. During the Christmas Holidays, Chuck heads to Malaysia in the middle of a bad storm for a business problem. His family was very displeased needless to say.

We all remember what happens next, the plane goes down in the middle of Pacific Ocean, and Chuck is the only one that survives thanks to an inflatable life-raft. From there he ends up on an island completely alone other than the “Volleyball “Wilson,“ his soon to be best friend.

Let’s relieve some of chuck’s pain right away. Now if we all remember Gilligan’s Island from 1964 and the crew that was lost at sea after a shipwreck. Being Chuck’s plane went down in 1995, that gave the Gilligan Crew 31 years to become experts on how to live off of uninhabited land. The shipwrecked crew from the 1960’s saw Chucks plane go down and witnessed the island he floated to in his life-raft.

They approached Chuck who ended up on an island right next to them and invited him and Wilson to join them on their island. Chuck happily accepted. So right here, that removes all those trials and tribulations and loneliness that Chuck had to endure. As months went by, they decide to kill some time learning to play volleyball with Wilson. Despite the fact of being stranded in the middle of the ocean, the friendships became peachy keen.

Now, if ever you were going to be stranded on an Island you would hope the year was 1995. As it happens, a gentleman by the name of Kevin Costner skillfully lived on the water itself in the movie Water-world. He also witnessed the plane going down and knew where to find people if any survived. So when Keven Costner and his big Water contraption approached the island, the Gilligan Crew and Chuck were ecstatic. The Water-man invited the whole crew on his Water Traveler and took them all back to shore.

For Chuck, only 6 months had passed, he didn’t expect much to have changed. But upon his arrival, he learns his wife ( Helen Hunt ) started a courtship with someone else. That someone else just so happened to be the “Mr. Big “ character from the cable show “Sex and the City” When she learned of her husband still being alive, she broke it off with “ Mr. Big “ immediately. As we all remember, Mr. Big always had a wondering eye and the Helen Hunt relationship was just one of his affairs. So Mr. Big heads back to NYC to reconcile things with his wife Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker

Now, back to Chuck ( the Tom Hanks character ), he and Helen Hunt were like peas and carrots once again. After Chuck shared his 6 months of what is like on the island with Wilson and the Gilligan Crew, his wife said; “ All of you should start a Volleyball team and compete professionally. That hit Chuck like a ton of bricks, he knew it was his calling. So him and his wife called Maverick and Goose from the movie “Top Gun“ to train this new team all the fundamentals of volleyball. We all remember what experts they were playing volleyball on the beach and all in 1986.

Needless to say all the ducks were aligned for great success. The Wilson Volleyball team went on to win the National Championship and The Olympics. At one of the Award Ceremonies, Chuck ( The Tom Hanks Character ) gave a speech that left people mesmerized. The first highlight from the speech was a reference about his time on the island. His quote was; “ I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring “ referring to his time away from home on the island. The Second highlight was when he held the Wilson volleyball up and yelled out “ WIiiiiLSON.

The End. Movie Still would’ve been great.

“The Town” Movie Rewrite

The Town

Welcome to the Movie Rewrite of “The Town”

Let’s pick this up right from the bank where “the Ben Affleck character” and crew abducted the woman, Claire and held her hostage, after robbing the bank. In the rewrite, unlike the actual movie, the gang doesn’t release her. They were too uptight to give up their leverage. The stakes were too high, and they knew all hell was about to break loose. So they laid low until the police and media quieted down. Over the course of the next two months, the men revealed themselves to her. Claire knew at this point she would not be harmed. And despite the insanity of the circumstances, some normalcy developed amongst them. Remember, “The Ben Affleck character” and his three friends grew up on the streets of Boston. Nothing came easy to them. Life had always been hard and cold on them, and a life of crime seemed very natural. They knew no other way. Claire’s decency started rubbing off on them. Nobody was ever nice to these guys, and despite her really not having a choice, it was still new to them nonetheless, and they liked it.

Claire started confronting them about all the heists they pulled. She was curious about what they planned on doing with all the money. Her point was, that if you’re going to rob banks, couldn’t you do something good with money? The crew said, “Use the money for what then?” Now if we remember, at the end of the movie, she used the money that “The Ben Affleck guy” gave her to refurbish the Ice Hockey arena for kids. Claire’s family was originally from Canada, which explains her interest in hockey. And Claire answered, “Get involved in fighting Seal Hunt’s in Canada, and dolphin slaughters in Japan. Claire explained, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, it matters what you do now. The crew was in shock, it hit them like a ton of bricks. A life of purpose is something they never knew, and no amount of money can give you purpose. These horrendous acts of evil committed by Seal Clubbers and Dolphin Slaughterers had purpose written all over it. This was a reason to be alive and reason to leave a spiritually sick life behind. The crew looked at each other and silently consented. With all the appalling things they’ve seen in life, those acts towards Seals and dolphins are the most evil things they ever heard of. People who did such acts were damming themselves and their families.

Being the crew was on the run with the law, it was a perfect time to hit the road. Claire and “The Ben Guy” migrated to Canada and the other 3 guys went to Japan. And man, did hell fire break loose in both countries. They financed very large operations and hit these commercial ships where it counts. The crews were breaking every law in the book, but that was nothing different, that’s how they grew up. However, this time it was for the right reasons. The word “Compliance” was a non factor. They treated the divers and clubbers with zero respect like they deserved. Complete and utter garbage.

Eventually the commercial ships and their divers in Japan were too scared to continue operations. These righteous campaigns had global appeal. So much so, that Japan finally laid down the law on these atrocities. And low and behold, what do you know? Japan’s 30 year ailing economy started doing better. Businesses around the world applauded their efforts by giving them contracts and resources. People even started having families again, giving rise to a new Japan. Finally Japan woke up to the Golden Rule; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

As for the Seal Clubbers in Canada, “The Ben Guy and Claire” felt it wasn’t good enough just putting them out of business. They financed additional operations to assure that the families had seen graphically what their loved ones were doing at work to these helpless animals. Needless to say, each family that was approached, picked up and left these dastardly murderers to start a new life. A massive movement was on the rise in Canada. It was called, “Don’t take your gripe out with the world on innocent animals.” The movement’s message was clear; just because a law allows murder, does not diminish the fact that it is murder.

The former crew from Boston rectified their spiritual sickness and today can proudly say, just like Muhammad Ali; “They shook up the world”

The End. Movie still would’ve been great.