The Movie Rewrite for “Annie” by Jessica Smith

The movie Rewrite for Annie

Good evening friends.  Jessica Smith has has written a happier ending for Annie and all the Orphans.  Here we go;

Welcome to Saturday Night Movie Rewrite. Tonight we are rewriting the movie “Annie”.
In the Rewrite after the end with the celebration of Annie’s adoption by mister warbucks at his beautiful mansion, Mr Warbucks sees how much Annie loves her fellow orphans and decides to adopt them all as his own, then marries Grace Farrell and they both fall in love with all the children. Now that Mr Warbucks is married with 7 children he decides to adopt 2 dogs to keep Sandy happy and names them “Lassie” and “Benji”.  Lassie and Benji were full of personality and just gravitated toward cameras. Using his financial Power and valuable connection in Washington and Hollywood, he turns them into movie stars and the TV sensations that they are known as, even to this day.

In the meantime, after Miss Hannigan attempts to save Annie’s life from the grips of her evil Brother Rooster, Mr Warbucks has a new feeling of wanting to try and Help Miss Hannigan deal with her emotional issues and loneliness and all that made her vulnerable  to Alcoholism, promiscuity and mistreatment of the orphans. She had deep abandonment issues. Mr Warbucks recommends and even has her driven every day to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) by his chauffeurs. She does so well in the program and becomes a spokesperson for all 12 step groups because of the  profound transformation she has made.  Miss Hannigan wants to give back and pay forward all that this intervention has done for her. She goes to Mr Warbucks and Annie and all the orphans and asks them to help her start “The Miss Hannigan Movement” to help others in despair, other Alcoholics and Homeless Animals. The whole Gang gets behind her which brings her a lot of press.

Meanwhile in a state far away, a lonely, heartbroken man is watching some press on her and sees the youngest orphan Molly in the background. He jumps up in shock because he just knows that she is his biological daughter who he and his wife gave up during the Great Depression.  He never got over that little girl that was once his baby. This man is now a Widower and has no one to leave behind, so he jumps in the Car and Heads to NYC. As he approaches Mr Warbucks house, he notices a woman walking along the Road looking happy and peaceful and he stops to ask her for directions. Turns out that woman was Miss Hannigan and as soon as their eyes met, it was love at first site. She hops in the car and rides off with him to the Warbucks residence and they haven’t left each others side since. They live happily in a house Mr Warbucks built them on his property where he gets to spend time with his long lost daughter.

The expanded Warbucks family becomes famous all over the world for their efforts in bettering the world.  Mr Warbucks himself conceives of a new TV show incorporating business and entertainment. He keeps all of his secret ideas hidden beneath the wooden floor of his mansion in NYC, in a safe. Generations later, the mansion is bought by Donald Trump, the NY real estate mogul. At some point during his first week in the house, Mr trump discovers the safe in the floor. With Oliver Warbucks name on it , Mr Trump knows this is a very valuable box, so he gets his workmen to blow torch it open. He secretly finds a plan for a TV show called “The Apprentice” and goes wild over the idea. He never mentions the contents of the box to anyone but soon launches one of the most lucrative TV shows of recent times.
The End…. The Movie still would have been great.

Goodnight Everyone. We will see you for prayers tomorrow night. We have received many prayer requests and will be sure to include them all tomorrow. Sleep Well.

Warmest regards,
Jessica Lee Smith