Happy New Years From Sammy & Family

A little Synopsis on New Years Eve in NYC;

New Years Eve in New York City is like no other place on earth.  The scoreboard says it all, over one million people will be in Times Square to watch the ball drop and one billion people worldwide will be watching.  The ball this year has 2700 Waterford Crystal triangles and weighs almost 12,000 pounds.  This tradition goes all the way back to 1904 and the dropping of the ball officially started in 1907.

History behind Times Square’s ball drop, click link below;


Times Square's history on New Years Eve



Patreeko The Song Bird

Happy New Year friends.

So many great memories with all of you this past year. ELS and Dr. Harp Seal are everything i wanted them to be and more, I perosnally thank you all for that.

2015 is the Year of the Patreeko. I remember him doing his little sweet howl in the pet shop in August 2013, he was like a little song bird. Wait wait, hold the phone, “Song bird,” I love that. Ok, revision time; 2015 is the year of “Patreeko The Song Bird”

Signing off from NYC, Sammy & Family wishes health and happiness for all animals and people around the world.

The Year Of The Patreeko

No Thanks, I’ll Sit With The Dog

No Thanks, I'll Sit With The Dog

Written by Kristin Crouch

It seems like anxiety is much more prevalent in recent years.  How many commercials advertising the latest greatest anxiety drug during each prime time TV show?  Would everyone who suffers from this often debilitating issue please raise their hands? (Hand raised.) I definitely believe in western medicine, but I also believe in the power of animals.  At a recent party, I was offered a seat in the middle of a crowd.  Feeling uncomfortable, I said no thank you, and chose instead to sit on the outskirts where the family’s dog had already taken a spot.  Petting and interacting with the dog allowed me to participate with the group without being overcome by panic.  Dogs – and cats too know what’s up.  They can often read a person better than another person can.  They know who is a friend, and who is bad news. If I hang out with the pets, I’m sure to make a friend for life.  Bonus points if that friend is also a human!

It is a proven fact that people with animals are calmer and live longer.  Many a night I can’t wait to get home to snuggle with my cats, because I know my woes and anxiety will melt away with each happy purr.  Find yourself in a position with no animals around?  No problem.  Just walk outside and watch a squirrel playing in a tree, or a bird looking for some seeds to eat.  Just stay clear of the blue jays – trust me on this one.  Even watching a busy colony of ants can be calming, as long as they aren’t headed for your house. Even now as I type this with my cat curled in my lap, I feel the anguish of the day fading, and can’t even remember what got me so anxious in the first place.

As a society, we have become drones.  We wake up, hurry to work, come home, and busy ourselves with numerous housekeeping tasks.  Some of us are lucky enough to have jobs that we love, but even so, between work stress and money or relationship woes, it’s no wonder pharmaceutical companies are making such huge profits.  I say, take a cue from the animals. Nap often, play often, and don’t fret about the small stuff.  Yes, the big stuff still matters, but take a deep breath, hug your dog, and you’ll feel better.  I promise. Focus inward and notice how they approach life.  We could all be much happier.

Holidays can be especially stressful for people suffering with anxiety, but we are almost through the holiday season, and only a few parties remain.  So go out, have fun, don’t let life get you down.  Oh, and if you happen to see me at one of those parties, come say hi.  I’ll be the one sitting with the dog.