The Movie Rewrite for “The Titanic”

The movie rewrite for The Titanic

This is the Movie Rewrite for  “Titanic”  It’s a Quick and Must read. Some have said it’s the most revolutionary writing since Ink was created.

In the Rewrite, Jack and rose both survive the crash of the Titanic. They ended up getting married and having 3 kids. After surviving the disaster, the family becomes obsessed with studying the original Titanic and why it sank. Years later, they built a “New Titanic”, but even bigger this time, with no mistakes. It’s literally unbreakable.

Additionally, Jack and Rose did away with the “Steerage” section. The new Titanic was all one section now. Still being very sensitive to the way steerage was treated, anybody that acted like a snob, was put on an unmanned dingy, (a dingy drone if you will ) and brought to shore. Once the snob arrived on shore, he or she was required to take a class with respect toAnimal Welfare & Rescue before returning home. The business was such a success that the family built 50 more ships and now call their cruise-liner company, “The Titanic Express”

In order to board any of the ships you needed two things, firstly, an affordable ticket. Secondly, you had to raise your right hand and swear, “I am not a jerk. “ Not only did the new company become a benchmark for safety in the shipping world, but they led the charge in animal equality around the world. As a matter of fact, several of their ships were sent to Canada to combat seal hunting, other ships sent to Japan to fight dolphin and whale slaughters.

The End…. The movie still would’ve been great.

Vanessa and Jeffrey Bonding

Vanessa and Jeffrey bonding

Good morning friends.

Hope everyone is doing well.   I love this picture and wanted to share it.  Vanessa and Jeffrey having a bonding moment.  Jeffrey is so sweet its not to be believed.  We all know how dogs play bite with their owners, Jeffrey wont even do that. He will only lick people.

I really love that boy.  It makes Sammy & Family very happy to see his progress.

OK, tomorrow morning we are posting a  great video of Sammy’s first experience on the beach.  Its a mood booster for all to enjoy.

Check in with you later friends.

Bingo Will Lead Us Out Tonight

Bingo will lead us out

Good evening friends.

Tonight we have Bingo leading us out.  Bingo is a member of Barbara Storts and family.  He is 15 years old.  What a sweet little guy.  Barbara and family are from Austin Texas.

Sammy & Family wishes all animals were treated as well as Bingo, sadly this is not the case for too many animals.  We would like to thank Barbara for making the world a better place one animal at a time.  It’s all anyone can do.

The path to a better world flows exclusively through the humane treatment of all animals. No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed.  Amen.

Signing off from Puerto Rico, Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

C and D can mean many things

Good morning friends.

So this morning we brought you Vitamin C and Vitamin D.  The Vitamin C is from the smiles, and the Vitamin D is from the sun.  On a side note, the letters C and D ring close to home as those were my grades through Junior high and high school.   Fortunately my father was very gracious about it, he told me “D” stands for Dandy, and “C” stands for courageous.

I guess its like they say; ” Our perception is our reality”

Happy Friday.

The letters C and D mean many things


Sammy & Family Takes a Moment For The Animal Victims Of Yulin China

Sammy & Family prayers for animal victims of Yulin China

Good evening friends.

We hope everyone had a nice day.

Sammy & Family would like to acknowledge the dog and cat victims of  The Yulin Festival in China.  We have spoken on this before.  I see it heating up again throughout social media.  It pains us a great deal knowing how scared and tired those animals must be awaiting a painful demise.  I don’t want to get into detail here but i don’t want to turn the other way either.

Sammy & Family thinks the people who participate in this Festival are as despicable as the one’s who organize it.  This is truly one of the most evil things taking place on Earth.  Each and every one of those animals means a great deal to us. They are not worthless and expendable.  The problem and blame is with the people, not the animals.  There only crime was being born into an unthinkable reality.

If anyone would like to know more on the Dog and Cat Meat Trade, please read our text version or listen to the audio. Full disclosure, it’s not easy to read or listen to.  Here’s link below;

No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed. Amen.  Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

Good Morning from Kathy Curran & Family

Good morning friends.

A little over a year ago we had the pleasure of meeting Kathy and family from Atlanta Georgia. They were nice enough to drop by while they were in NYC.  It was a real treat for Sammy as you can see.  He had a blast with them.

I guess this is what the Beatles meant in 1967 when they sang; ♫♫♫ I get by with a little help from my friends ♫♫♫

Have a great Thursday.

Good morning from Kathy & Family from Atlanta


Kleiner Bruder Will Lead Us Out Tonight

Kleiner Bruder will lead us out tonight

Good evening friends.

We hope everyone had a nice day.  Kleiner Bruder wanted to come say goodnight to y’all.  This beautiful boy is a member of Janice Knecht Kolb and family.  He just recently celebrated 1 year being in his forever home with Janice and family. He had been neglected and abused in his first year of life and is now healthy and happy.

Janice is a great friend to the animals.  If i remember correctly, including Keiner Bruder, she has 3 boy dogs and a girl, four dogs in total.  Full disclosure, Janice is the first person I’ve ever met from Mississippi,  I say that as a testament to my ignorance, nothing more.   It was a real privilege when she and her friends came to visit us in NYC.

Sammy & Family wishes all the rescues could end up in hands like Janice’s.  Sadly its not the case for most of them.  We would like to thank our friend from Mississippi for making the world a better place, four animals at a time.

No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed.  Amen. Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

Sammy and the Snow

Good morning friends.

On Monday it was “Sammy and the Sand” and on Wednesday it’s “Sammy and the Snow” — Now is that diversification or what ?  I always said from the time he was a baby; “Sammy Loves The World”

Happy Wednesday.

Sammy and the Snow

Kelly Will Lead Us Out Tonight

Kelly will lead us out tonight

Good evening friends.

Kelly wanted to come say goodnight.

We hope everyone was OK today with the weather and all.  It seems the blizzard was not as bad as some expected, so that’s good.  From what i saw, subways and buses were down overnight until early this morning,  private cars were restricted and 7000 flights were cancelled.  Well its like they say;  “It’s better to be safe than sorry”  Taking those kind of measures probably saved many lives.

Sammy & Family hopes our animal friends are doing OK as well.  People have the luxury of being well informed before a blizzard, during and after.  Unfortunately animals are not so informed and have to take it as it comes.  We pray for any animals displaced out there in such weather conditions, life can be hard enough on them let alone with extreme weather conditions.

No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed.  Amen. Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.