Mathematical Breakthrough from Dr. Harp Seal

Mathematics and life scenarios

Good morning friends.

A fun one for today.  As you know sometimes we apply mathematical equations to life scenarios. Well Dr. Harp Seal had an epiphany last night, an “Aha moment” if you will.  Friends i have to politely ask you all to sit down before you read further.  This is the kind of breakthrough that can cause people to pass out.

Take a few seconds to get seated.

Here’s the new mathematical breakthrough.  The equation is this; You take your current age, and subtract the amount of years it took you figure out what life is about.  So lets use me for example.  I’m 45 years old.  I figured things out around 40 years old.

So 45 yrs Minus 40 yrs = 5 years old.   That’s my real age, I’m 5 years old.  See you in Kindergarten Monday morning.

The Magic of Koala

Koala on Death Row at that time

(From Pinterest page for super urgent animals at risk of being killed).

I first saw Koala pressed into the back of her small cage at a horrible high kill “shelter” in Harlem (NYACC). She had been brought in as a stray and given the temp name “Krystal”  — She was not getting any attention from potential adopters. She was too terrified. And she was just beginning to get kennel cough — Once an animal has this common cold-like sickness, they are put on the “To be destroyed list.”

Koal looking up smiling Noelle

We named her Koala for Koala’s are known to be quite timid.  Each time my mother saw Koala she commented, “She is very special”.  Tragically, a few months after adopting this “designer dog”, my Mom died suddenly. We brought Koala to the funeral, and not only was she a profound comfort to me and my family, but to everyone there who was grieving. Mom was right, she is indeed, an extremely special being.

Koala lying down

And that is the story of Koala, a dog that was to be killed to a dog healing and mending people’s hearts.  Another example of people rescuing pets and pets rescuing us right back.   Susan thank you for sharing this angel with us.  That was quite a journey this little girl has been on.  It makes us all happy to see how happy she is.

Goodnight friends. Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

It’s Three Smile Thursday

Three Smiles


Good morning friends.

We brought you a little visual Vitamin-C this morning.  Today is Three Smile Thursday.  Three great people, Three great smiles.  Vanessa, Briggette and Sammy came to wish you all a great day.

Tip of the day; We do the best we can with what we have, that’s all life can ask from us.

Happy Thursday.

One year anniversary of Judy Olson’s Passing

One year Anniversary of Judy Olson's Passing

Good evening friends.

A year ago today we learned the world lost a living angel. Our dear friend and member of the ELS family, Judy Olson, passed away on April 29th, 2015.  Both me and Scott would like to say a few words about Judy tonight.

Scott will start;

I had spoken to Judy several times over the past few months, and right until the end she kept her sense of humor. She had a lot of guts going for chemotherapy every other Monday, and just took everything in stride. Judy had two dogs and Sammy & Family promised her they would end up in good hands. After speaking with the family today, we found out they already have.

Sammy & Family, and friends had a lot of great moments with Judy, she was as nice as they come. Anytime she and I spoke, I always had to promise her the two dogs would be OK. She was selfless like that, those dogs were everything to her. We send prayers to Judy’s sister, and her family, whom I believe lived right near her, and prayers to her family on the west coast. Let’s close with this, Judy Olsen made the world a better place, and she will always be remembered.

Amen. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Jessica’s words now; I would like to honor my dear friend Judy tonight as well;

Judy first caught my eye on the Sammy page because of the love and support she always showed to my brother and myself, Scott’s “boys” and my own children. She always had such an open and courageous spirit, and Scott is right in saying that she was able to find a way of laughing no matter what. I loved her very much and we became personal friends off of Sammy’s page.

We spent many nights talking until the wee hours of the morning, sharing experiences and stories about our lives, but more than anything, we laughed and laughed. Even on the day that she was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and given a prognosis of 3 months, or up to 6 months if she had chemo, even then she always focused on how blessed she was. Judy had a deep connection to God and used to say that she “wasn’t afraid to die, because she knew where she was going”. I know she is in that beautiful place right now, free of the pain and suffering she endured in silence during her illness, always feeling blessed and always a fighter.

Judy is another blessing that God brought me, and all of us through Sammy. She was my family for a short time on earth, and now we are family forever. She even spoke on the phone with my children and they took to her right away. Judy was coming to New York to spend time with my whole family in the coming months. I’m so sorry that wasn’t in Gods plan for her. I will miss her deeply, and wherever she is, I hope she knows how loved she was, and how thankful I am to her for being my friend.

It was always Judy’s dream to see NYC. Now that she lives amongst other angels, we want her to know that she always has a home wherever we are, and I will show her NYC in my heart.

Dear God, bless Judy. Dear God , lift her into the light in your arms. Judy gave love and joy to so so many. Her kindness and her compassion set her apart. She was a being of light and deserves to live forever amongst those with golden hearts.

Prayers for her sons and her whole family. Prayers for her four legged babies that she loved with all of her heart. May they be loved immeasurably in Judy’s name. I know she would want to thank them for being her best friends. They were always her only concern. God protect them.

Thank you Judy. I love you very much. Although our time together was short, you will always live in my heart. Your legacy lives on. I will never forget you my dear and deeply loved touchstone.

No lives will go in vain. No pain will go unnoticed. Amen,
Love from,
Jessica Lee Smith,
For Sammy and family




Good morning friends.

Sometimes being content is good enough.  Its like Ferris Bueller said in 1986.  “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”

So today on this Wednesday April 29th, 2015 I want to pay attention to my life.  Less static, and more substance.

Happy Wednesday friends.

Libby will lead us out tonight

Libby will lead us out tonight

Good evening friends.

Tonight we have Libby leading us out.  This is quite a story. Our friend Megan from Texas was nice enough to share it with us. Libby was  part of a litter of puppies who started out in Montgomery County Animal Shelter.  She was the only one, that was not euthanized.  She was adopted by Operation Pets Alive and was recognized by her extreme ball drive to be picked to go to Universal K-9 training in San Antonio for narcotics.

Megan’s fiance Deputy Jesse Bullinger with Montgomery County Constable Pct 4 was helping raise awareness for pet adoption at the shelter when he was approached about Libby. She was then donated by Universal K9’s Training for Narcotics.  From there ​  donated the funds to pay for Deputy Bullinger’s training.

Libby is now a narcotics K-9!  She is just finishing up her training and will be officially working within the next couple of weeks. From what I’ve been told, Libby and Jesse work extremely well together and have been ahead in the class. When I first met her she couldn’t be any sweeter. She really is an inspiration.

Sammy & Family wants to thank Megan, Deputy Jesse Bullinger, the Montgomery County Constable precinct and, the people of  for giving Libby’s life happiness and purpose.

No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed.  Amen. Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

Libby on Facebook;

Libby on Twitter;  @LibbyMCCOK9

Born to Be Wild with Morkel Erasmus out of Africa

Today we have the privilege of  featuring Morkel Erasmus out of Africa.  He’s  one of the Best wildlife photographers on the Planet. And still, he keeps it simple, he loves Africa, loves its people, its wild places and its wildlife.  Great quote from Morkel; “To me, nature photography is all about being in the moment, and capturing that moment in a way that can relate to someone who didn’t have the privilege of being there with me”

Morkel is a passionate wildlife photographer and part-time photographic safari guide based in South Africa. When he’s not in the field, he works as an Industrial Engineer working in the supply chain industry.


  Elephants drinking water at Chobe River in Botswana.  To join Morke on a Safari;

From Morkel himself now;  “My love for nature was shaped by many trips with my family to the Southern African wilderness as a child growing up – picking up a camera was when it all really clicked for me (pun intended).


Spotted hyena in the rain.  Hasthtag #Wow on this picture.  To Join Morkel on a Safari;    Continue reading

The Nepal Earthquake

Dr Harp Pop art


Good evening friends.

Tonight we take it to Nepal where an earthquake on Saturday devastated thousands and thousands of lives. Friends I apologize we did Not address this last night on our website and all our platforms. I made a decision not to post such news on a Sunday night before a work week. It looks to have been the wrong decision.

All of us pray for the 4000 victims lost to this earthquake, the 7000 injured and all the people and animals displaced from this horrific natural disaster.  Tent communities are sprouting up all over the place.

9 of 1o soldiers are involved in search and rescue missions.  Currently there are also 200 people stranded on Mount Everest, but reports say 60 of them have been rescued so far.  China, India, the UK and US are among those sending aid from abroad.  The Nepalese government’s Chief Secretary, Lila Mani Poudyal, said his country was short of medical teams and relief materials, including “tents, dry goods, blankets, mattresses and 80 different medicines”.

For the full story from the BBC, here’s link;

No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed.  Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.