Poppy Tuesday evening, an evening of Hope

Poppy evening, an evening of Hope
Good evening friends. Welcome to Poppy Tuesday evening.   Remember Poppy comes from one of Patrick’s nicknames. One of his names was Poppy Seeks, so i just cut it to Poppy for short.  And what is Poppy about ?  Poppy is about Hope.

So tonight is the evening of hope.  So if your feeling hopeful keep on cruising.  If you are feeling hopelessness or despair, you have to take a step back and realize everyone at one point or another has been where you are and made it through. There were times when you felt more hopeful about life, what’s changed ? A lot of circumstances can put us on the wrong side of the tracks.  But whether its this or that, reach out to family or friends just to connect with people. Try not to isolate so much.

Its good to watch old movies that used to make you happy and laugh.  Make sure you are getting big night sleeps.  We all feel like when we are inside of a crisis it will never end, and yet is always does.  You know why that is ?  Because time heals all wounds, even if you can’t take care of yourself, time will take care of you for you.

When you feel hopeless, read messages or posts like this.  They can help propel you forward.  It only takes a key word or phrase to put the wind back in someone’s sails.

Let’s associate a word that will encompass the comfort of this message when its not immediately accessible to you.  The word is “Poppy”  — Poppy will immediately bring back a feeling of hope for you from now on.  Take comfort in that, when we are down and out, we take any positive momentum wherever we can get it.  And that momentum is generated through Poppy, the day and night of hope for all of us tap into.

Signing off from Puerto Rico on day 170, Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

Poppy Tuesday, a Day of Hope

There's no place like Home

Good morning friends.  Welcome to Poppy Tuesday.   Poppy Tuesday’s are filled with hope.  Just remember Patrick’s start in life, not an easy one, but now he has a life with an overabundance of love and happiness.  Many of us personally and our pets can relate to that.

Sometimes through adversity and hardship life throws us a gift.  The key is to hold on to your hope and faith.  I’m sure during Patrick’s 10 months in that cage his little spirit must of been on the brink of breaking, but he held the line and now we’re all together happily in the Caribbean far from a little pet shop on 61st and Lexington where we found him.  I can tell you hundreds of stories of my 4 decades in NYC, but this Patrick story is 100 percent in the top 3 stories of my entire life in NY.  The other 2 two stories in the top 3, are Sammy & Henry.

I mention this story because its for all of us.  Keep your hope alive, the best days of your life have not happened yet. Life will try to test everyone at some point on another.  The question is do we let life break us where we end up missing the best part of it.  I would like to offer anyone out here some inspiration, life is never going to break me while I’m alive, no matter what hits I take.  I will not be broken and my reason is simple, I want to be happy.  And I can only have happiness it life does not break me.  So hang tough my friends, we have to roll with punches and take constructive happiness wherever we can get it.  After all, What are we all here for ?

Have a great Poppy Tuesday.

Monday evening on June 29th, 2015

All for one and one for all

Good evening friends.  Happy to be here with everyone.  By far my favorite part of the day checking in with y’all.  I hope you all had a great Monday, if you didn’t, no big deal, maybe tomorrow is the best day of your life, seriously maybe it will be.

Friends I continue to invite friends to email pics and info on their dogs so we can share them too on our evening posts.  I do not just want to write about our dogs, i find it selfish and narcissistic.  With that said, only if you are comfortable sharing your furbaby’s story with us.  No pressure, its just an open invitation always.

Life was good today on June 29th, 2015, it didn’t have to bet his way, thank God that it is.  Baby steps and keeping it basic truly works for me, just sharing that with you in case you find yourself entangled in constant and complex situations. Let it all go, travel light and enjoy a lighter skip for yourself.  Life can be overwhelming sometimes especially when you think of all the injustices and unfairness out there.  Remember, we may night be able to change the world, but we can change our world and those around us, and that’s all life can ask from anyone.

Let’s close with two positive notions;

1. I will continue to make my world around and the people in it better.

2. The only thing it means that people are smarter than animals, is that people are smarter than animals.  It doesn’t mean anything more then that.   The same is to say if you are smarter then someone in your class in school, that does Not give you the right to abuse or kill that person.  Same logic for animals.

No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed, Amen, Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

The Time is Now

The Time is Now

Good morning friends.  Dr. Harp Seal here, thank you for stopping.

Dr. Harp Seal wants to revise the slogan; “The Best is Yet to Come”  — The Revision is; “The Best is Here and Now” — Let’s break this down a little further.  The only thing going on is “The Now”, 10 minutes ago has passed and the next ten minutes is not here yet, so you are standing inside “The Now” at all times.

To further the point, did you know that if you look at the word, “Now” backwards, you get the word, “Won”

So let Dr. Harp Seal conclude with this.  If you live in “The Now” which you do, then you already won.  The trick is stay in “The Now” in your mind because otherwise you won’t feel like you won. Those that struggle with that, please for your own mental health give into “The Now” as this is the only place you are actually in.

Happy Monday friends.  Its great to be alive on June 29th, Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.