Dr. Walter Palmer, you apology is Not accepted

Dr. Walter Palmer, your apology is Not accepted

Good afternoon friends.

It appears Dr.Walter Palmer, the murderer of Cecil the Lion has publicly apologized. Sammy & Family wants to respond publicly and say: “Apology not accepted, you’ve killed over 50 Majestic animals in similar fashions. The only difference with the other 49 Murders is you did not get caught. For all the other Trophy hunters out there, whether its legal or not misses the point, the point is, its Murder in the First Degree.

Forgiveness is a virtue in life, it truly is. With respect to Dr. Walter J. Palmer, the dentist from Minnesota, you are, and have always been a murderer. Sammy & Family will never forget what you’ve done, or forgive you for what you have done.

Please listen to video message; “The Second Amendment from the Perspective of an Animal”  — It puts people’s gun obsession and killing into perspective.   The message eradicates all the smoke and mirrors The Second Amendment hides behind.

God bless all animals around the world.  Rest in Peace Cecil.

No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed.  Amen. Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

Super-Scott and Sammy & Family have your back

Super-Scott and Sammy & Family has your back

Good evening friends.

We hope everyone a wonderful Thursday. Sammy & Family wants everyone to know that we have your back. We are behind all animal lovers around the world.

I don’t know if you have seen this guy flying around your neighborhood, but rest assured, the plight of the animals is his top priority.

Picture by Raquel Martinez, she is a brilliant artist. When she and I spoke earlier, she asked me if I knew any handsome bald men with a slightly big nose ? I said; “Actually I do Raquel Martinez. I am a lethally handsome man who is bald with a slightly big nose”

So she said; “Scott, you got the part” —- Friends from the there, history was in the making.

Have a great night everyone.  Sweet dreams.  Super-Scott for Sammy & Family

The Zoolander Look


Good morning friends.

It’s great to be here with everyone. Now this is a perfect example of what a professional Sammy is. In the middle of sprinting and galloping, in mid air, he manged to give us that “Zoolander male model” look.

Lets kick this day off with two positive notions;

1. What am i planning on trading this day of my life for so tomorrow I will be happy about it ?

2. Today has a shot of being a great day. Sammy & Family is going to let that happen.

See you tonight friends.

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This One’s for you Cecil

Rest in Peace Cecil

Good evening friends.

Sammy & Family pays our respects to the beloved lion Cecil, who was heinously killed about two days ago in Zimbabwe. The  heartless murderer was Dr. Walter Palmer is who a dentist from Minnesota. Dr. Palmer paid $55,000, yes, 55k to track down Cecil and kill him with a bow and arrow.  Cecil was a protected lion in Hwange National Park which apparently Dr. Walter Palmer lured her out of with dead meats where Cecil then became exposed.

Now before we get into this whole story of Cecil and trophy hunting, or any hunting for that matter, I wanted to just cover a few things.  I never got the memo that said people can play God or Mother Nature with respect to what animals live and which animals die, and by what numbers.  Another thing I have said many times is, the only thing is means that people are smarter then animals, is that people are smarter then animals.  It doesn’t mean anything else.  The same is to say if someone is smarter than me, does that give the right to punch me or something ?

Let me break down what “Hunting for Sport” means and doesn’t mean.  You see the term in itself is inaccurate because the word; “Sport’ is in it.  Now last I checked in sports you need two consenting parties to agree to go up against one another.  So lets eradicate the word “Sport” because I am 100 percent certain that animals do not want to participate in this sport.  So that leaves us with downright murder.  To me all hunting is murder.  But for the purposes of this post lets isolate Trophy hunting.  Wait, you know, lets add “Canned Hunting” as well into this post.  Canned hunting is when facilitates keep exotic and majestic animals in a confined area to make sure the hunters get their kill.  Possibly the most abusive form of murder in all of hunting.

Back to Dr. Walter Palmer, the dentist from Minnesota.  To him Cecil was just another kill.  He was an avid hunter and murdered approximately 50 majestic animals over the years.  It appears this murder of Cecil might have been illegal. Cecil was in a protected park and it believe that Dr. Palmer lured her out of the protection zone she can become an eligible kill.  What a classy guy, huh ?  A real gentleman.   He has stated it was a legal kill but it looks like it might Not have been.

Now that brings me to this word called “Semantics”  —  The  fact that a kill is legal or illegal does not change the reality of your action, you still committed a murder.  The defenseless animal has no idea about the laws, he just knows he is painfully dying now with no regard for his life. The same is to say it’s legal to walk around calling people _ssholes all day, but its now right, so we don’t.  But brutally killing and Maiming animals if its legal, no problem, bring it on like football, just another American Pastime.

Many of you know I did a video message called; “The Second Amendment from the Perspective of Animal” on You-tube. The link will be at bottom of this post.  And without getting into the political debate about guns, let me point out that animals are not mentioned in The Second Amendment but they sure are taking the brunt of it by far over anyone else. Most people hide behind The Second Amendment’s original meaning to engage in the thrill of the kill of animals. Video link is below to hear more.

If you listen to this message, you will Never be confused about why this country and other countries of course are so obsessed with guns. If you think its the whole “The Right to Bear Arms” to protect yourself, you are standing upside down.  That is Not even close to the real reason, not even close.  If you want to know further, please watch and listen to that video message below.

Now unfortunately, Dr. Walter Palmer is just one of thousands of people who enjoy killing beautiful creatures.  So does this media frenzy against this Dr. Palmer, the dastardly murderer prevent others from this deplorable pastime, ? I honestly am not sure.  Does it prevent these murderers from smiling in pictures with their cowardly kills ?  Hell yeah. But does that really help the animals, not in my opinion, people will just do it smarter and quieter.

We are in the year 2015, the evidence on animals being sentient beings is a fact and has been clear for a long time now. If people are still out there like the Dr. Palmers, and the Ted Nugents knowing this, they’re bad people. Its simple math. When I was on Wall Street for many years i had seen several people pay to go kill bears in Canada and or Alaska. I mean think of how bored you must be with your life if you need to do that.  Maybe they should make a change in their life, or get a new wife.  But for God sake man, for the love of God, stop killing these animals.  Mother Nature is tough enough on them.  The last thing animals need is for “Man” to keep stacking the deck even further against them.

I must even say I recently saw an interview with Tom Brokaw who was plugging his news book.  Yes, Tom Brokaw the legendary news anchorman. During the interview he spoke so cavalierly about him and his hunting buddies, and who had a good shot and who did not.  Like just a couple of guys laughing,  drinking beers and blowing animals heads off.  So despite Tom’s stature and all his elegance, Sammy & Family kind of sees him like others mentioned in this post.  I’m sure in the minority in that opinion, but we’re OK with that.

Remember friends, this land is their land, this land is our land, this land is made for them and us. Together we stand, divided we fall. The path to a better world flows through the humane treatment of all animals.  Animal equality is a tireless journey, there will be no retreat.  Below are 3 video and or audio links I did in regards to a lot of what’s mentioned in this post.

Rest in Peace Cecil.  No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed.  Amen. Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family. Videos and Audios below.


“The Second Amendment from the Perspective of an Animal”  —   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wIpM1Jak3o


“Sizing up Hunting by Dr. Harp Seal; —  https://soundcloud.com/dr-harp-seal/sizing-up-hunting-by-dr-harp-seal


“Where is The Geneva Convention from Dr. Harp Seal”  —  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_NebYbcuGA


The picture in Post was off of Google, i believe the source is from NBC News.

Sammy can do Magic

Sammy can drive a car

Good morning friends.

Vanessa and I gave Sammy driving lessons in the parking lot the other day. I have to say he did rather well. I am not sure how he managed considering his feet cant touch the floor and his paws cant grip the steering wheel.

I guess it will remain an unsolved mystery. Happy Wednesday friends. See you tonight.

Poppy Tuesday on July 28th, 2015

Poppy Tuesday.  A day filled with Hope and Possibilities

Good morning friends. Happy Poppy Tuesday. A day filled with Hope and possibilities.

Remember Patrick was in a cage for 8 straight months getting marked down over and over again on price on 61st Street & Lexington Avenue in NYC. Now two years later and Sammy & Family’s 198th day in Puerto Rico, Poppy is the center of our family including 4 other dogs.

I love this boy to to death. I let him get away with anything. He’s the only one of our 5 dogs that drinks from a cup that I bring him and some of my food from my plate that I allow him to have. I do that to make up for tough start he had, he’s loved and spoiled to the core now and he gets a pass on the spoiled-ness with us.

OK, let’s kick this Poppy Tuesday off with two positive notions;

1. If life can turn on a dime for Poppy, it can happen to any one of us.

2. It’s great to be alive on July 28th, 2015.Many people that were here yesterday are no longer with us today. This Tuesday is a gift, let’s put bow around it.

See you tonight friend. Love always, Sammy & Family.

Together Again

Together Again

Good evening friends.  It’s nice to be here with everyone tonight.

We obviously have all seen the news on Bobbi Kristina Brown by now.  That was painful to hear.  It’s hard to believe her body hung in there for 6 months and over one full month off life support.  May she rest in peace, God knows she deserves that.  She was a good kid and we’ll be missed dearly.  Hopefully she gets to see her mother again. It’s not hard to understand Bobbi Kristina was never the same after her mother died.  Who would be ?

Sammy & Family sends our condolences to Mr. Bobby Brown.  I know the media has dogged this man through the years but that’s the thing about substances and such, they take no prisoners and don’t care who you are.  Mr. Brown has suffered tremendously between the death of his wife and daughter.  We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully he can find some peace and solitude in his life and carry on.

Bobbi Kristina’s demise and now death is a heartbreaking tragedy.  She did not die in vain. Her loss will prevent the death of young adults for generations to come. The world tuned into the Bobbi Kristina’s tragedy since the day of her collapse on January 31st, 2015, right up until yesterday when she passed on July 26th, 2015.  The world will never forget this fallen angel.  Rest in peace Bobbi Kristina Brown.

No lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed.  Amen.  Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

The source of this picture we believe came from this Website; http://www.hot973.net/2015/02/04/bobbi-kristina-doing-better-sources-say/