Good morning friends.

Its great to be here with everyone on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015. We see its a rainy week  back in NYC so we figured this was a fitting picture.

Henry reminds us that Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all he needs is his ball and life will be OK.  Look at the peace and satisfaction he feels just sitting with himself and his ball. It reminds of Tom hanks and his volleyball Wilson from the movie “Cast Away”

OK friends, let kick this day off with three Positive Notion.

1. Today is Hensday.  Henry + Wednesday = Hensday.  And we know Henry is the Soldier of Love, so that makes today a day of love. So happy National Love day.

2. Its nice to have woken up today. Many people that were with us yesterday are no longer with us.  We owe it to them and ourselves to suit up and show and do the best we can today.

3. Here is my response if someone says; “I don’t like you”  — The response is; “I understand, take care”

See you tonight friends. Day 262 here in Puerto Rico.

Prayers for a special cat named Onyx

Prayers for Onyx

Good evening dear friends and family,

We hope that your day went smoothly, and that everyone is safe and well, and resting for the night. We send out love to all of you, from our whole family.

We have asked for Prayers before on behalf of our wonderful friend, Kathy Tracy and her very loving fur baby, Onyx. Onyx had a tooth removed today and the doctors are not sure yet,  but think it’s possible that Onyx may have cancer.  They are waiting the results. We ask that everyone come together in prayer for Kathy and Onyx. May Onyx’s test results come back clear, so that she doesn’t have to be sick yet another day. We also ask for Prayers of peace and comfort for Kathy , who is absolutely terrified for her baby. May God be with both of them and shine his healing light on their lives.

Prayers continue for all of those who suffer tonight both physically and emotionally. We ask God to bring those souls a reprieve. We all need relief and can only take so much. May those people be surrounded by love and soothing comfort. May they not lose hope. May better days be ahead for them, free of pain and sorrow.

Goodnight everyone.

No lives will go in pain. No pain will go unnoticed. Amen.

Love from,

Jessica Lee Smith,

For Sammy & Family

Poppy In Pink

Poppy In Pink

Good morning friends.

Happy Poppy Tuesday.  A day filled with  Hope and Possibilities.  Remember if the Pops can do it, anyone can.  The odds were completely stacked against him when his life started.  And now, he is the heart of the family.

Today’s post is called “Poppy in Pink” —  Boys and Men can wear Pink too, just look at Pops here.  I think he wears pink very well.

Just for fun lets do an acronym for “Poppy”  — Here we go.  “Poppy – Opportunities -Poppy – Poppy – Yahoo”

OK, lets kick this Tuesday off with two Positive Notions.

1. Real men wear Pink

2. Doesn’t “Poppy in Pink” kind of set off the lyrics in your head by Madonna; ♫♫♫ Papa Don’t Preach ♫♫♫

3. Things can always be better, things can always be worse.  What am i grateful for today ? That is the question.

Have a great Poppy Tuesday friends.  See you tonight.

A visit from the Land Down Under

A visit from the land down under

Good evening friends.

Tonight we have two special visitors from the Land Down Under, yes Australia.  This is our great friend Tameera Kemp and her sweet boy Maxy.  Tameera is a big time animal lover which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering that big smile on Maxy’s face.  I mean is that a smile or what ?  Its almost unprecedented smile, that’s how big it is.

Maxy is a Blue Heeler Cattle dog. Before him I never actually heard of this breed.  They are known to be loyal, brave and hardworking.  This breed is not the kind that likes to just sit around the living room or go for ten minute walks.  Blue Heeler Cattle dogs are known to be one of the most intelligent breeds out there.

Sammy & Family wants to give a big shout out to Tameera who keeps her 8 year old companion smiling from ear to ear.  We only wish all animals were treated and given the life that Maxy has.

Signing off from Puerto Rico on day

Pay Attention to What You Want

Pay attention to what you want by Dr. Harp Seal

Good morning friends.  Dr. Harp Seal here.  Thank you for stopping by. A fun a little exercise today.

You know when you buy a new car all of a sudden you see the cars all over the road. And yet they have always been there all along  It poses the question; “What else is right in front us that we want ?”

The solution is to pay attention to what we want.  Why? It goes back to the “Laws of Attraction”  — We attract what we think.  The good and the bad.  So make sure you are thinking positively.

Signing off for the morning from Puerto Rico on day 261, Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

Sunday night; Reflection, Nostalgia and Introspection

Beach Shadow

Good evening friends.

What a wondrous weekend.  Sometimes on Sunday evenings I get reflective, nostalgic and introspective. The old “taking stock of my life” kind of thing.

I have shared this before so forgive me if it sounds repetitive.  As i have told you my father died at 45 years old with 6 kids on February 3rd, 1984.  With our family friend Michael recently passing away a month ago, and our friend “D” who is currently in critical condition as Jessica wrote about the other night, it makes us a pause and take a look around as to whats important and what is immaterial.  I think of two things my father said to me right before he died.  One of them I don’t agree with and one of them I’m in the middle with him.

The first thing he said was; “Money is Not everything, Its the Only thing.” — He was dead freaking wrong on that, could not have been more wrong.  The second thing he said was if people mess with your loved ones or things dear to you, fight to death.  Get a bat and break every bone in their body.  I’m not saying he was right on that one, but I’m not saying he was wrong either.

My summation of our father Barry Smith’s death, our friend Michael’s recent death, and a very scary situation with our friend “D” right now, is it puts all the minutia and bull_hit into perspective.

And with that, I am suggesting to not waste one minute on what people think about you or don’t think about you. Think about the active people in your present life that matter. All these other people that we longed for approval to feel like a whole person fade away like the nothing they are when we are faced with the end.

Here’s Dr. Harp Seal’s prescription.  Don’t wait for the end to realize you need nobody’s approval to feel like a whole person.  Every individual on this planet has his own right to feel like a whole person with only his approval alone. We are self licensing for self worth. Why would we give that license to somebody else as to determine our self worth ?  2 + 2 = 4, right ?  When we give other people the right to determine our self worth, its like saying 2 + 2 = 5, which it doesn’t.  That makes no mathematical sense. And neither does giving someone else the right to determine our self worth, its mathematically incorrect.

Through all the smoke and mirrors and the nonsense people speak of, I remain vigil and focused. I just want to be with my wife, my 5 dogs, and our ELS family.  My bigger goal as i have said many times is to walk around the beach in Puerto Rico handing out frozen Snickers for free talking to complete strangers, about light, dumb and breezy stuff, the dumber the better.

My center is determined by me. I don’t care what the currents and the winds are, I hold my ground. Life can be very tough, but to comprise what we love is not life, its prison.

And lastly friends, with everything that has gone on in this community and all the different characters we have played, to Sammy & Family, the Dr. Harp Seal character will be the one the stands the test of time.  Dr. Harp Seal is a timeless symbol for animal kindness, animal equality, animal rescue and animal welfare. I promise all our animal loving friends from around the world, despite some people’s confusion with the Dr. Harp Seal character, this is the character that will set the bar for animal kindness across the world.  It may be hard to see now, but Dr. Harp Seal will be a foundation for generations to come to understand we are all one. That will become the mainstream thinking one day, I promise everyone in the world that.

“The Path to a better world flows through the humane treatment of all animals” — Dr. Harp seal.

Signing off from Puerto Rico, Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

Happy Sunday on September 27th, 2015


Good morning friends.  Happy Sunday funday.

Its great to be alive on Sunday September 27th, 2015.  We love Sunday mornings.  Its such an imaginative day.  It’s the day of “I can do whatever I want today and that might include a whole lotta of nothing”

Lets do an acronym of Sunday being its such a regal kind of day.  I’m going to wing this one.  Here we go; “Special – Understanding – Nurturing – Daily – Accomplishments – Yeah”

OK, lets kick this day off with two Positive Notions;

1.  I want to be like water. When I hit a wall, I want to go around it. I don’t need to go through it.  #SwimWtihTheTide

2.  Don’t forget that Barry Manilow is Music and he writes the songs because he puts the words and the Melodies together.   #LyricalKing

Happy Sunday friends.  See you tonight. Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

Citizen Facebook; the World is my Neighborhood

Citizen Facebook

Hello friends.

We have a great story called “Citizen Facebook” — The World is my Neighborhood.

This story is about all of us.  I will be writing it from an “I” perspective so I don’t get confused. I was recently thinking how Facebook and social media as whole gave me neighbors from all over the world. Pre Social media, my neighbors were the people that lived on the same block  as me or in the same apartment buildings. If you think about that we really were limited as to who we met and / or communicated with.  Even with that, I hardly communicated or even saw my neighbors anyway.

Thanks to social media my neighborhood is the whole world now. And thanks to social media, I communicate with my worldly neighbors much more then i did with my actual / physical neighbors from years ago up til this very day.  I have friends that i speak to everyday from New York City, Australia, Italy, the Philippines and so on and so on and so on.  So even though I am in a neighborhood in Puerto Rico now, I speak to my global neighbors way more then my actual physical neighbors.

We always hear people saying “I’m friends with him or her on Facebook”  Or, “He or she is my Facebook friend”  —  Almost like a Facebook friend is different then an actual friend.  That was true at the beginning of this new world. But now, a virtual life is not a fantasy life anymore. A virtual life today is as much part of your life as your physical world.

I will take it a step further.  I called this piece “Citizen Facebook” because in reality, Facebook is the largest country in  the world.  Most people would say China or India is with just over a billion people each. Facebook’s population is 1.5 billion.  And unlike other countries, the population is actively communicating with each other day in and day out. And unlike other countries, we don’t need passports, visa’s or any other documents to enter this country.  As a citizen of Facebook, I don’t have to call someone to make plans, I just plug in.  My neighborhood is enriched with animal loving people from around the globe.

The thing I appreciate most about this new world is I got to meet tons of new people that i connect with. People I would’ve never met or spoken to otherwise.  I met my wife on Instagram. I shared my family and dogs with my neighbors from around the world. Thanks to Facebook and Social media, my life went way beyond the apartment buildings I lived in, or the neighbors on the cul-de-sac (dead end street) I lived on.

Social media has eradicated all barriers of communication. Today more than ever, the world is one.  The millennials understand this innately as many of their lives started inside of “Citizen Facebook”  — And with that, they will be more open minded to new cultures, religions, beliefs, traditions and so on and so on.  The days of “The Good Old Boys” are over.  And i do not mean that in an age sense.  I mean that in the “Narrow-Minded” thinking sense.

Its important for us Pre-Millennials to understand that the gaps from one country to another have been bridged by social media. There are no gaps anymore.  You can take the word “stereotype” and throw it in the garbage. You can be anywhere you want, talk to anyone you want and share with anyone you want.  “Citizen Facebook” has more freedoms then any other country in the world.  To the resisters out there who enjoy the judgmental and stereotypical world, get ready to understand where the slogan; “If you can’t beat them, Join them” came from.

Being a citizen of Facebook allowed me to have the greatest neighborhood in the world.  In fact, my neighborhood has exceeded anything I ever could have dreamed it to be.

I guess this is what the TV personality Mr. Rogers meant in 1963 when he sang; ♫♫♫ It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, the neighborhood, the neighborhood ♫♫♫

Signing off from Puerto Rico on day 259, Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

A Quote Off between Albert Einstein and Henry Smith

Quote off between Henry and Albert Einstein

Good morning friends.

Its been while since we’ve had a Quote-Off between Albert Einstein and Henry Smith. As you know this rivalry runs deep. Very similar to the Yankees and Boston Redsox is you will.

And yes, we are aware that Mr. Einstein has passed on.  For whatever reason, Henry Smith can still communicate with him.   Here we go;

Albert Einstein; “Two things are infinite; the universe and stupidity.  And I’m not sure about the universe:

Wow, that was a great one.  OK, now Henry’s turn.

Henry Smith; “Three things are infinite; the universe, stupidity and Cheese. And I’m only sure about the cheese”

Lord have mercy, that is a close call once again.  Henry and Albert are exhausted from the brain power that was exerted here this morning.  With that said, Henry’s quote is the winner as it was more informative and precise.

Have a great day friends.  Happy Saturday.