Never leave a Seal behind

Navy Seal

Good morning friends.

Sammy always remembers the lessons he was taught by the Coast Guard. He told me the best lesson he ever learned was; “Never leave a Seal behind”

As you can see in in the picture here he doesn’t play games when it comes to Seals. He rescued this little guy right of out of the toy closet and set him back at sea.  I’m proud of my boy. He really leads by example.

Speaking of the Coast Guard, funny enough, Sammy’s favorite song is “In the Navy” by the Village people.

Day 415 here in Puerto Rico. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Goodnight from Sammy & Family on February 28th, 2016

February 28th, 2016

Good evening friends.

We hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I would like thank life for allowing me to participate on February 28th, 2016.  I have to remind myself that each day is gift. I know that because many people that were here with us yesterday, are no longer with us today.  So out of respect for them, we must hold our heads up high and march on.

Tonight is Oscar night they tell me. I cant really chime in because I am so out of touch with current movies.  With that said, I hope everyone you all want to win, Wins.

Lets close out with two positive notions to ease into the evening.

1. I’m feeling a lot of love out here on the platforms tonight. Not sure if its the Prozac, or if love is just in the air everywhere. Either way, we’ll take it.

2. “Dream as if you’ll live forever. And live as if you’ll die today”   — James Dean —

See you tomorrow friends.  Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Karen and a sweet Monkey in Saint Kitts

Karen and pal Monkey on Saint Kitts Island

Good morning friends.

This is our great friend Karen Hanckel on Saint Kitts Island in the Caribbean.  As you can see here Karen has made a new friend.  This sweet little Monkey and her were just chilling like any ole two pals would.

Animals always gravitate towards nice people. Boy I sure hope one day I get to meet this exact monkey that Karen did. He sure looks like a great pal to have.

Well is Sunday Funday today. So that pretty much ensures a great day. On Sundays we let imagination in the door and back into our lives. On Sundays we get to be us again, the people we set out to be from the very beginning.

Day 415 here in Puerto Rico. See you tonight friends. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

To spoil or not to spoil, that is the question !!!

To spoil or not to spoil "The Pops" that is the question

Good morning friends.

Little Pops dropped by to wish everyone a wonderful Saturday. He melts my heart this little guy.

Vanessa says I need to be strict with him sometimes because he literally does whatever he wants. My response to her is; “Nah, I’m just going to keep spoiling him” — After all he is my little songbird. I call him that because he has the sweetest howl anyone has ever heard.

Happy Saturday friends. Day 414 here in Puerto Rico. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family. .

The Key to Freedom

Key to Freedom

There is a basic principal that if you accept will give you freedom beyond your wildest imagination.

The only thing that matter is what you think of yourself. That does not mean we are not open to suggestions. But we determine who we are. When you allow other people determine who you are, of course we feel anxious. And that anxiousness is a good thing. Its letting you know that its not natural to allow people to determine how you feel about yourself. .

Freedom is found is being who you are and knowing nobody determines who you are. Nobody has to succumb to what other people think of them and sacrifice who they really are. I would rather be alone and be who I am. And guess what, other people have taken that stand as well who would love a friend like you.

Point being, is nobody, and I mean nobody tells me who to be. I am always open for suggestions to improve myself, but at the end of the day, I am me and only me. As a result of that I am one of the most free people on earth.

Please free yourself from stereotypes. Nobody has the right paint you into a corner. Break free from the chains that bind you, our opinions of ourselves are paramount to anything else.

Sincerely, Scott Smith for Sammy & Family

Let’s intend on having a great day

Lets intend on having a great day

Good morning friends.

Its great to be alive on February 24th, 2016. Good, bad or indifferent we get another shot today. Let’s intend on having a great day. Laws of attraction says we attract what we think. So it behooves us to attract a great day.

OK, lets kick this Wednesday off with two positive notions.

1. Our past mistakes do not have to be repeated again. We are entitled to break the cycle and start anew.

2. Here is a quote from Sir Anthony Hopkins; “I expect nothing and I accept everything. And it makes life so much easier.”

Day 411 here in Puerto Rico.  See you tonight friends.

Piggy and Me

Piggy and Me

Good morning friends.

Just a few days ago I met a family with their Pet Piggy at PetSmart. I ran up to them to get a picture with the little guy, and fortunately they were very gracious about it. Hands down this was highlight number 1 of 2015 so far.

Happy Tuesday.

Poppy Rocky on Tuesday February 23rd, 2016

Poppy Tuesday on February 23rd, 2016

Good morning friends.

Happy Poppy Rocky Tuesday. A day filled with Hope and Possibilities. Remember, If Poppy can Rocky can make it, anyone can.  If the face of the decks being stacked against them, they kept their opened and their heads up.

Life has a way of making sure people and animals find each other at precisely the right moment. When I first saw Patrick and Rocky, I knew with every ounce of my soul we were meant to journey this life together.

Day 410 here in Puerto Rico and day 97 since we rescued Rocky. I love that boy more than anything. We have really grown attached to each other in the last 3 months.

OK, a few pointers to set this day on the right foot.

1. Its easy to get distracted with all the smoke and mirrors life throws at us. The things its nothing more than static in our heads. Let it fall to the waste side and keep your feet on the ground. Don’t worry, instinctively our hearts and minds know the way.  Let’s have faith in that.

2. I know I keep repeating this but I know it helps a lot of our quiet friends out here. I am a very grateful and happy man today. That does not mean I don’t have lousy days, of course I do. But when I have lousy days now, I shake them off, I don’t sulk in them. We can’t control certain things that happen to us in life, but we can control how we deal with them. For me, I keep it simple, everyday I wake up, I’m a winner. God showed me the light and put happiness into my life. That was all his doing. Had he not done that I could never have gotten out of the destructive cycle I was in.  So hold onto your faith friends.

Amen. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Good evening on February 22nd, 2016

Love is the key to salvation

Good evening friends.

Day 409 here in Puerto Rico.  The highlight of Vanessa and our day was knowing that Karen and John have great internet connections on their cruise. The great thing about that is when friends are away we don’t have to miss them anymore. We could just vicariously travel with them as if we are there.

It is great to be alive on February 22nd, 2016. What a gift today was. Good or bad, today was a gift. We have to remember that many people that were here with us yesterday, are no longer with us.

To all our ELS friends out there going through tough times, I wish I could take your pain for you. I have been there thousands of times, and you are not alone, I am walking with you. If a dead man walking like myself is still around, there is no doubt in my mind you will all pull through. And pull through in Spades.

We do the best we can with what we have.  We give it our best and the rest is in Gods hands. And from there we will be at peace with where the cards fall.

OK, lets close out with two positive notions.

1. God willing we wake up tomorrow. And when we do we get a new start for a fresh day. Yesterday is gone, nor am I tied to it. I am a participant in the freedom of today. The possibilities are endless. I will embrace them with an open heart and Mind.

2. My heart is attached to my 6 dogs. They all give me a higher sense of purpose. I can feel when they miss me and feel sad. When I feel that from them there is no power strong enough to stop me from easing their anxiety. I would give my life day in and day out for them to feel security. When it comes to my 6 dogs or angels as I call them, my heart is big enough to take on any army in the world. My love for them is without boundaries. it cannot be contained or measured.

See you tomorrow friends.  Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

How I Got Into New York University With Terrible Grades And A 960 On My SATs

How I Got Into New York University With Terrible Grades And A 960 On My SATs
Good evening friends. A great choice by many of you asking for the story about how I got into New York University with horrible grades in high school, and a low SAT score.

Let’s do a quick recap. Remember my father’s grading system, “F” was for Fun, “D” was for Dandy, “C” was for Courageous, “B” was for Bastard and “A” was for _ssholes. And this worked well for my confidence through Junior High. The problem was that my father died on February 3rd, 1984. This happened to have been my freshman year in High School.

My mistake in high school was maintaining my father’s unique grading system, especially being he was not there to back me up on it any longer. So between that confusion, and the chaos going on with my mother and 5 sisters when he actually died, school was the furthest thing from my mind. Things were really bad for the Smith Family back then, law suits were flying everywhere, dissension in the household, and just a lot of hostility.

I was fortunate to have met a very sweet girl in tenth grade. She’s the one my crew used to call “Sweetie”, and she was the one that almost blew up with me on the boat that my friends and I were on. Nonetheless, when I was with her, all my problems faded away. I was happy around her, and she took me away from all that chaos at home. But the relationship was skewed, we were in love with each other, but she came from a normal household with no chaos. So to her, I was just her boyfriend she was in love with. To me, she was my girlfriend that I was in love with, and also my escape from all the turmoil and chaos.

Until this day she probably never knew outside of being in love, what an important figure she was in my life as a whole. I was no ordinary teenager. I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and in my head, but just being with her removed all that in an instant. Temporarily of course, once I returned home, the _hit was hitting the fan again. Anyway, the point is I had two lives going on .

Moving on now through high school. Junior year and Senior year I didn’t give a _hit about school, and just wanted to be with my girl. Her father, who is a great man and until this day, I have great respect and affection for him, used to say, “Scott is way too intense for you. You’re too young for such intensity in your life.”. He was right. But my gal and I held the line anyway.

Now lets speed up to where everyone is applying to colleges in Senior year, and it was the topic of discussion every single day among the other kids. I saw many people running through the halls screaming with excitement about being accepted to this good school or that good school, and I had seen many people cry because they didn’t get in the colleges they wanted to attend.

Here is where my problem started. Number 1, no college was accepting me. Number 2, I didn’t even know how to fill out a college application. Now I was saying to myself, “Your dad’s grading system ain’t so good now, is it?” So, being my late father had been a very successful commercial real estate broker in NYC, colleges used to ask him to come speak and give lectures to students about the real world. One of the schools he regularly spoke at before he died was “CW Post” on Long Island where we lived. So my mother went to see the people that my father used to know there, and asked them as a favor to accept me into their college. And some of my late father’s former friends made that happen. I was admitted into CW Post on Long Island. It wasn’t a high ranking college, but it was a good college nonetheless and it has a beautiful campus.

CW Post had one caveat with me because of my disastrous high school career. They admitted me, but on probation. Meaning instead of being allowed to take 15 credits in a semester, they only let me take 9 credits to start. Now all of this ego blasting was starting to motivate me. So I took the three classes and got straight A’s through hard work. The next semester they let me take the full 15 credits, and I got straight A’s again with a 3.8 GPA. For the freshman year that was now over, I made Dean’s list. Now I was in the groove of things and for the first time in my life didn’t feel like a screw up, and that felt really good. Going on to the first semester of Sophomore year, I got straight A’s again with a 4.0 average. CW Post then approached me, and asked me to be the President of the Honor Society for the second semester in my sophomore year. Now I was giving speeches to hundreds of parents and high school students who were considering coming to CW Post.

So lets do the math. I went from starting on Probation at CW Post, to becoming their marketing spokesman to draw more students to CW Post. I felt really accomplished, I really did. So I decided to apply to the “Leonard Stern School of Business” at New York University for my Junior year, and I was accepted immediately. So I transferred to NYU. Now truth be told I still really didn’t care about school. I just wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t the bum everyone thought I was in high school. So now I am at NYU in one of the best business schools in the country, and I was majoring in accounting.

NYU was different than most colleges. There was no real college comradery. You see, unlike schools like Penn State or Notre Dame, where the colleges dominated the towns they were located in, NYC dominated New York University. Meaning this, when I walked out of class into the street, I was just amongst all kinds of New Yorkers, not just students. There were business people walking around, lawyers, doctors, business conventions going on, and so on and so on.

Anyway, let me speed it up here. I immediately joined a fraternity when I got to NYU in order to meet people. Because NYU was so dominated by NYC, I needed to connect with students somehow. When I joined the fraternity, they asked me if I wanted to live in the fraternity house with the main guys and I said “hell yeah”. Please don’t think of a fraternity at NYU like others, it was not. Greek / Fraternity life was very mild at NYU.

Within 2 months of my first semester at NYU, I was called into the Dean’s office for poor grades and not showing up for classes very much. When I went into the office, the dean was standing up looking out the window as I sat on his couch in the same room with him, waiting for him to say something to me. So after 5 minutes of his deducing what the real story is here, he turned to me and said, “You transferred here from CW Post from their honor society. Within your first two months here, your classes are going terribly, and I am told you hardly ever go to class and you are in one of the fraternities on campus. Is that correct Mr. Smith ?”. I said, “Yes sir that is the correct.”

So he looked at me in the eyes and said” Scott, are you some sort of playboy or something? Is that why you have been so distracted?”. So I said, “Mr. Dean”, or whatever his name was, “No, I am not a playboy. I have been in a relationship with the same young lady for 5 years”. Then he asked me how I would explain such a fall from grace, since I transferred to NYU as President of the Honor Society from CW Post?

So I hit him with hardcore honesty that I don’t think he ever heard before in his life. I told him how poorly I did in high school, and how terrible I felt during my senior year while all my friends were making plans for their new experiences going off to college, and I had no options. So when I applied myself and made Dean’s list for two years at CW Post, and then got into one of the best business schools in the country at New York University, I had achieved what i wanted. I wanted to know I was not a bum. Once i realized that, and that i was as capable as anyone else, I didn’t care about school or my grades anymore. I went on to being even more direct, and said politely, ” I am really not interested in the things this university is teaching me at all. I just want the degree from the Stern School of Business.”

My friends, the man almost fell over and had a heart attack. He had never heard that from a student before. He starting looking around his office, on the ceiling and on the floors just to verify he was not inside of a dream, or nightmare I should say. Now I am not encouraging that behavior for anyone. But i knew there was no law that said I have to care about college once I was accepted into college. And my friends, I didn’t care at all. But I did end up graduating with an accounting degree with an exact 2.0 average. Anything less than that GPA and they won’t allow students to graduate until they get a GPA of 2.0, or higher.

So my friends, that is how I went from horrible grades in high school, to one of the best business schools in the county, to being asked by the Dean of business if I was some sort of “playboy”. Looking back, I should have said to him, “No, I’m not a playboy, but I do like looking at women’s boobies.”

I Hope you enjoyed that story my friends. There are hundreds more to come over time.

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