Tribute for for Gracie Mae

Tribute for Gracie Mae

Good evening friends.

Tonight we pay tribute to a Pomeranian named, Gracie Mae. She crossed the rainbow bridge a couple of weeks ago at the age of 16.

Gracie Mae was a member of our friend Marsha Scheuble Holz and family. Needless to say, they are devastated. Marsha was telling me Gracie had so much life and smiled so big that now they are left with a hole in their home.

We can all relate to that I’m sure. Gracie’s Pom buddy, Murray Arthur has been very depressed. He doesn’t eat much and sleeps a lot and does not bark like he used to. Marsha told me they cant wash the blanket that Gracie used to lay on because Murray Arthur is always laying on it now.

Gracie was buried in one of Marha’s skirts under a lilac tree by their porch so she can always be close by.

Marsha was also telling me that the boy across the street was so upset he went home in tears but then made a beautiful stone for her grave. It had a heart on it, a cross, her name, and love. It was so sweet. And he put fake jewels in it. I know we only have them so long but they are like our children and it hurts to let them go.

Sammy & Family thanks Marsha for giving Gracie Mae 16 incredible years. Gracie made the world a better place and now Murray Arthur can carry her legacy.

It’s amazing how life ebbs and flows. And even when the tide takes a piece of our hearts out to shore with it, our memories are forever. The 16 magical years that Marsha and family had with Gracie Mae can never be taken away.

No lives will go in vain. No pain will go unnoticed. Amen. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Poppy Rocky Tuesday on June 28th, 2016

Poppy Rocky Tuesday on June 28th, 2016

Good morning friends.

Happy Poppy Rocky Tuesday. A day filled with Hope and Possibilities. Remember, if the Pops and Rocky can make it anyone can.

Jeffrey and I came by to say good morning to everyone. Today is day 533 in Puerto Rico and day 223 since we rescued Rocky.

Its great to be alive on June 28th, 2016. I have to remind myself, good, bad or indifferent, today is a gift. Many people that were here with us yesterday, are no longer with us. We owe it to them and ourselves to appreciate this gift of today given to us.

Let’s kick this day off with two positive notions;

1. Everyday we are born again. What we do today matters most.  — Buddha —

2. I don’t need to be right, I want to be happy.

Have a great Tuesday friends. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Tips for homesick kids at sleep away camp

Homesick Camp Kids

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Good evening friends.

I see a lot of youngies went off to sleep away camp today. Tonight I have a great tip for the ones who get homesick and don’t like camp.

As we know, sending kids away to sleep away camp is actually more for the parents than the kids. The parents need a break, plain an simple. Now its true, many kids end up loving sleep away camp. But what about the one’s that don’t ? —  I absolutely despised it. If you’re one of those kids that gets homesick and don’t like camp, I have a no lose strategy to share with you. Pay close attention.

Tomorrow morning or the next day, immediately put a letter in the mail saying you hate camp and you want to come home. If you have access to smartphones and emails, even better. Your parents will receive your letter within a few days, or will immediately receive your emails and / or texts. Make sure you continue to send letters or messages frequently about how bad you want to come home. This way, on day 30 when visiting day takes place, your parents already know that you’re coming home. They won’t even bother trying to convince you to stay another 30 days until camp ends.

If asked why you hate camp so much, its a very simple answer; here it is; “I don’t like sleeping in a wooden bunk with 12 other males, I don’t like being woken up at 7 am to swim in a freezing lake, I don’t like bugs, and I miss my dog. Kids this is a bulletproof strategy. You’ll be home in 30 days or less. Double up on the canteen this weekend in celebration.

Keeping it real. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

People watching

People watching

Good morning friends.

Sammy loves to people watch, which is not really surprising because he’s such a people person.

He always had a gift of lifting people’s spirits. No matter what day or time, if he was out and about, he was happy.

Sammy & family would like wish everyone an extraordinary Friday.

Lives before Profits

Lives before Profits

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Good morning friends.

What a shocking blow in the face of Orlando that Senate Republicans hold the line Against key gun reforms. Nearly every Republican voted it down.

They actually voted Against expanding background checks and an amendment that would block suspected terrorists from buying guns. Yes, you just read that. Its hard to believe that a vote like that would be necessary in the first place. You would think logic would easily prevail here. Nope, its not clear enough that suspected terrorists should Not be allowed to buy guns, we have to vote on it.

Being that’s the case, we should vote on whether people should be allowed to douse themselves in gasoline and light themselves on fire. That is how ridiculous this gun debate is. Nobody should be able to buy a gun if they’re on a suspected terrorist list. Who cares about their 2nd Amendment rights ? We have massive lives at steak here. Just this past week Joe Biden said, “The 2nd Amendment is not Absolute”

The second Amendment was adopted in December 1791, yes 1791. Let me do the math, that is 225 years ago. And yet people refer to it as if the Founding Fathers ever imagined assault rifles, automatic weapons, AR-15’s and etc.

The NRA and gun lobby have schmucks like us focusing on something so ridiculous that we are missing the main issue. Where is the vote to ban all Military Style weapons to civilians?  I’ll tell you where, its nowhere. Assault weapon sales are through the roof again. The NRA is known for their saying, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” — That is not correct. Let me flip that right side up, “Guns and people kill animals and people”

My name is Scott Smith. I have no kids and will leave no legacy behind. I speak straight from the heart today. The chessboard is crystal clear to me. Smoke and mirrors do not cloud my vision the way the NRA and Gun Lobby are clouding America’s vision. Please read my statement below and then just a few more comments after that.  At the end of this post, I’ve included very insightful links from all around the media chain, including one of my own.

“Ban all assault weapons from civilian use. Terrorism or no terrorism, nobody needs an assault weapon. Less guns equals less deaths. It won’t solve everything, but it will save lives. The NRA is an apparatus of death, they need to be shut down. America’s values are inverted. We need to put lives before profits. Enough is enough. We have a major gun epidemic in this country. Get rid of the NRA and Assault weapons”

Post continues now;

We have an Extremism problem in this country, Radical Islamic’s (not Muslims) and young White men. Both are terrorists. We all know that. We also have a huge Gun Epidemic in this country. Many a times the Gun Epidemic and Extremism problem end up in the same lane and a massive collision takes place. Gun control works. Ask our Australian friends. It won’t solve everything, but it will save many many many lives. Let me repeat that, “GUN CONTROL WORKS” – Australia’s Success with Gun Control. At the end of this post there will additional source links to substantiate what is written here.

So why is the NRA and gun lobby so hellbent on stopping any common sense gun reform ? Its simple, “Money”. Its simple and yet it continues to fly under the radar because of the 2nd Amendment. “The Right to Bear Arms” is the front used to guise their blood thirsty profit desires. I have news for all the God, Country and Gun fanatics, the Invisible Army is NOT coming to get you. So grab your guns and run outside on your porch screaming only to the trees, “Nobody is taking my Guns”

The NRA wants a heightened state of alert. There is money in conflict, not in peace. Gun control would bring more peace and that is a no no.  The NRA and Gun Lobby puts Profits before Lives. They always have. The 2nd Amendment and gun control debate is not as confusing as it looks. The intention is to scare and confuse everyone and drive gun sales up.

This post is not to bash money. We all know money is important in this life. But how important is it ? Where is the line drawn ? How much is enough? I can say with conviction that Money is Not important enough for the lives its taking and ruining because of the Gun Industry. Enough is Enough. America’s values are inverted. We need to put Lives before Profits, not the other way around.

The NRA uses the argument, “why should law abiding citizens be punished for crime, terrorism, accidents and etc committed by other people” —  I would like to answer that question. That argument gives way for more gun violence because it keeps guns very accessible to anyone. Isn’t saving lives more important than people’s rights ? Or at the very least, isn’t saving lives worth some gun reform ? Of course it is.

About 2500 children and teenagers die from guns each year. Think of that alone. The total number of gun deaths is much higher, but even that statistic in itself should have initiated more gun control. Nope, don’t mess with the NRA and Gun Lobby with respect to gun deaths. Less deaths equals less profits for them. Maybe LGBT community will finally take the NRA down. That link is from the Washington Post. Let’s hope so.

Every rational gun reform proposal is declined before the full suggestion is even heard.  The reason its rejected is because the gun nuts say it violates their Second Amendment rights. Again, there is money in the conflict and the NRA and Gun Lobby will Not budge when it comes to money. “The Right to Bear Arms” is one giant euphemism for keep the gun sales up and gun deaths high. Even the family that invented the AR-15 said it was Never intended for civilian use, only for Military use. 

Did you know over the last 10 years there has been many different smart guns produced. Smart guns with all sorts of technologies to successfully bring down gun accidents. Guaranteed to have reduced many gun accidents. Guess what the NRA did ?  They made sure those guns never made it to the market with every trick in the book. Smart guns are bad for the NRA.  Anything that brings gun violence down is bad for the NRA and the Gun Lobby. Reference link; The NRA and Gun Owners Hate Smart Guns.


To the Gun fanatics; The world is more one than ever before. The world is more ethnic then ever before, get over it. We’re Not going back to the slave era as much as many of you would like, its not happening.

In my opinion, the NRA is indirectly the biggest terror cell in the U.S, maybe even the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.


Important links that crystallize the extremism and gun epidemic in this country.

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Inventor AR-15;  It was Never intended for Civilian use. It was for the Military 

Extremism and Guns in American

Make it Stop

Good evening friends.

This picture is from the front cover of the Boston Globe’s newspaper today.  Its a riveting picture with three words along side of it, “Make it Stop”

My family and I will supply the link towards the end of the post. It covers what we spoke of on Tuesday, June 14th. This will be the last post of the Orlando massacre on this page unless another outbreak occurs. God forbid.

Sammy & Family and the Smith family, between all of our platforms reaches 5 to 8 million people a month.  Why do I say that, to brag ?  Why would I say that ? — Because its a privilege to reach so many people throughout Social Media and we respect that. We have a responsibility to call things out especially when animals and people’s lives are at risk.  Please continue with me here. I want to tell you about a gentleman that I had it out with today.

I don’t normally do social media wars. Rarely I will get into it with somebody and within two or three remarks, give them my email or cell phone so we can discuss things off the platforms. Today somebody had the gumption to text me a picture of his 3 Assault Rifles. Yes, I did call the FBI. I will tell you that shortly.

If I could ask House Speaker Ryan one question it would be this, “Do you support a ban on all assault weapons whether it infringes on people’s 2nd Amendment rights or not ? I keep hearing The House Speaker say its his job to defend the Constitution.

We can extrapolate that if Speaker Ryan could take back the Orlando incident by putting a ban on all assault weapons, he would Not do that. The rights of people supersede the mass shooting. What I am getting at is protecting the Constitution is literally killing people.  The imperfect founding fathers who had slaves, did Not intend for the Amendment to be used as tool to hide behind so people can have access to assault weapons.

Again, we have an extremism problem and a Gun Epidemic in this country. Its not one or the other, they both flow in each other’s lanes. Radial Islamic’s and White American Terrorists are major problems. We know that. Why are we making it so easy for anyone, extremist or not, to get Military style weapons?

Constitutional rights are not an acceptable answer anymore. Nobody should have assault weapons. Ban all Assault weapons. The NRA is an apparatus of death. Its time to shut them down. America’s values are inverted. We need to put Lives before Profits. Not the other way around.

Friends again, we can’t kill our way out of this abroad. War is not the answer. The terrorists, White Ones, and Radical Islamic’s are US Citizens. Banning assault weapons won’t stop all attacks, but It will save many many many lives.

Australia proved 19 years ago that with Gun Control, gun deaths and gun suicides plummet. Take a read after you read our post please.  Australia’s Success with Gun Control 

I want to show you another link that brings me to a man named Whitney from New York. I will not mention his last as I did turn him into the FBI today. If I find out all is OK with him, my family and I are considering do a serious piece on him and the picture he texted me of his 3 death toys he likes to brag about.

This is the link for Tomi Lahren, a 22 year old conservative news anchor who ranted against President Obama, which went viral today; Obama Rant.  This was a disgusting rant. It lacked all credibility, it was just a hate speech. Obama pleaded for Gun Control for 7 plus years now. Tomi was sickeningly disrespectful. Having said that, would I like to see her in a bathing suit ? — Affirmative.  

Anyhow, then I saw this gun loving Whitney share this young woman’s post on my news feed. Typical stuff, Obama is terrible, its Obama’s fault, nobody is taking my guns, and the good ole, “God, Country and Guns” type of talk. So i decided to mention we need a ban on all assault weapons, which we do. Never mind everyone’s rights, get a handgun, you don’t need machine guns.  So we exchanged words, he called me bald, lol, which I am. So i said, call me, lets take this off of Facebook.

Then Whitney, this sick, gun obsessed coward texted me a picture of his 3 assault rifles in the face of the Orlando Massacre. The same kind of guns that killed 49 people and injured 53 others. Is Whitney one of these White terrorist maniacs ? I have no idea. So I reported him to the FBI. What a disgraceful man bragging about assault rifles on the heels of Orlando, wow.

Here is the link to the Boston Globe article where this picture is from; Make it Stop;

Love you friends. See you in the morning. TGIF coming up. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.