It’s a duck, no, it’s a chicken, wait wait, it’s a turkey

Rose and Rosie the Turkey

Good morning friends.

Say hello to our great friend Rose Chandler and her pet Rosie. This is one of the best people and animal pictures I have ever seen. As many of you know, Rosie is a big time animal rehabber and overall animal lover.

The title of this story is, “It’s a duck, no, it’s a chicken, wait wait, It’s actually a turkey. Incredible story below by Rose Chandler.  Story below;

“Rosie is Royal Palm turkey. Two years ago I had a single baby Wood Duck and it was on the verge of dying because they do not do well in captivity or alone. So I googled on Facebook search ducks and Lucky Duck Landing farm popped up, it said they did not open till 8 o’clock the next morning.

At 8 o’clock the next morning the Wood Duck was still hanging on. So I called them and told them I was not a crazy person, I was a rehabber and I have a little Wood Duck that was going to die if I did not find a baby hatchling Duckling to go with it. They told me they would loan me the baby that they had just hatched because they do not normally hatch babies and it was all alone, but when I was done with it, I would need to give the baby back.

Long story short, Lucky Duck Landing farms have been trying to hatch baby turkeys for quite some time. Little did they know, they had hatched a baby turkey. I went to pick the hatchling up and was shocked because I assumed it would be a baby duck and they thought it was a baby chicken. But as Rosie started growing, we both learned that Rosie was in fact a turkey.

Because I have spoiled her so much they could not take her back. They had asked me to just keep as her life would be better is she just stayed put. And because Rosie, that Wood Duck went on to live and she did make an appearance last winter in our canal to come see Rosie. I bawled like a baby when they got together after two years. She has been a mama to all the rehab babies that come thru here”

Now friends, is that story one for the books or what ? — Life is just full of surprises.

Have a great Wednesday. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog day.

Sammy & family wishes for all rescues to find their forever homes. Everyday is a great day to rescue a pet. We save their lives and they make our lives happier instantaneously. That’s a win win. We like those.

Happy Friday.

DOJ to end use of Private Prisons

DOJ gives Private Prisons a big shot across the bow

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Good evening friends.

A big story broke last Thursday, August 18th, out of the Department of Justice.  The U.S Department of Justice is going to stop using Private prisons. I’m sure some of you caught this last week, but being we are deep in the summer, I figured to share it again.

This is really substantial news. Coming from Wall Street and Finance, I really never understood incentivsing incarceration. I mean think of that. Companies that profit off of people getting jailed. We know the criminal Justice Reform has been a major political topic in this country. But to witness the first major blow across the bow in the “prisons for profits” industry, is a major moral victory for the country.

America’s values are inverted. It’s supposed to be, “Lives before Profits”, not the other way around. We don’t need a society, not only stacking the deck against people, but actually rooting for their demise. We all know money is important in this life, but is it important enough to lock people up and ruin their lives? — No, it isn’t.

“The fruits of the Earth are plentiful enough for all animals and people to live in abundance” #DrHarpSeal

It would be nice to live in a country that roots for all its citizens and does not hope for incarcerations, illnesses and wars.

The decision out of the Department of Justice last week, on private prisons, was a giant Positive step forward for mankind.

Just to note, two private prison stocks crashed on the news, Corrections Corporation of America, and  GEO Group.

Sincerely, Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.


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Louisiana Floods

Louisiana Floods, 2016

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Good evening friends.

Tonight we take it to Louisiana where they were hit with their worst flood since 1983. The Red Cross said the flood in Louisiana is worst U.S. Disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Total devastation. Let’s not forget that Katrina was only 11 years back, not too long ago.

Some of the overall statistics are incomprehensible. More than 100,000 Louisianians were affected. 40,000 homes damaged, 30,000 people rescued, 11 people killed. 75 percent of the homes damaged were not insured.

Today on the news, I almost didn’t believe what i saw, but I did see it, a group of Cows in the middle of the street with water up to their necks.

About 2 feet of rain fell over a 48 hour period and turned Baton Rouge and surrounding areas into disaster relief zones.  Right now the Red Cross is organizing a massive $30 Million relief operation and numbers are expected to grow.

This is going to be a long road to recovery. People and animals lives have been turned upside down. I was talking to a friend from Louisiana today about what happens to all these people day to day from here. On one hand, you have the government and Louisiana planning the recovery and the rebuild, and on the other hand, you have tens of thousands of people displaced.

If Katrina is any kind of forecast, FEMA will provide trailers for people to live in on their properties until the housing situation is under control.

In 1983, The Amite River at Denham Springs, near Baton Rouge, reached a 46.2 feet earlier this week, astonishingly higher than the 41.5 feet record seen in 1983. That’s from CNBC.

Sammy & Family sends our thoughts and prayers to all the people and animals that have been affected by this devastating flood.

Here are some links where people can donate if they like. Sammy & Family will be making a donation, every bit counts.

The Red Cross is accepting: Donations via telephone. Call 1-800-REDCROSS or text LAFLOODS to 90999 to donate $10.

Companion Animal Alliance, Baton Rouge’s city animal shelter

Needs: Foster homes to house pets temporarily, large bath towels, paper towels, water and food for volunteers and staff. Donations can be made online to assist with these needs by going to the organization’s website,

The second Harvest food back trying to feed over 180,000 people;

The Humane Society of Louisiana for animals;

Sunday’s are so Grand

Sunday's are so grand

Good morning friends.

Thank you for stopping by. Day 580 here in Puerto Rico. It’s great to be alive on, August 14th, 2016. It didn’t have to be this way. Thank God that it is.

This is Vanessa and I at Chili’s yesterday watching the big tennis match.  #MonicaPuig

OK, back to this post now. We loves Sunday’s. It by far our favorite day of the week.

Sunday’s are such a newspaper and coffee kind of morning. I have given a lot of thought on Why Sunday’s are called, Sunday Funday. Here’s what I came up with;

Mon through Friday its, work, work, work, Saturday’s we catch up on personal responsibilities, but Sunday’s are the mornings we love most,  its the one morning we let imagination in the door and back into our lives.

On Sunday’s we get to be us again, the people we set out to be from the very beginning. Now is there a lot of freedom in that or what ?

Have a glorious Sunday Funday. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

The Magic of 6

The Magic of 6 angels

Good evening friends.

We have a special group leading us out tonight.  From left to right, we have, Penney, Pocket, Mocha, Rose, Charlie and the little guy in front is Mr. Jingles. These 6 lucky fur babies belong to our friend Wendy Foskey.

The three additions to the HERD are Mocha, Pocket and Mr Jingles. They were retired from a kennel at five years of age and Wendy jumped at the chance to give them a forever home.

Wendy and family has 6 dogs and so does Sammy & Family. You don’t see coinkydinks like that very often.

Sammy & Family would like to thank Wendy for making the world a better place, several rescues at a time. Random acts of kindness may not change the world, but it changes the world for the recipients of that kindness.

We’ll see you in the morning friends. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Poppy Rocky Tuesday on August 9th, 2016

Two Pals hanging out

Good morning friends.

Happy Poppy Rocky Tuesday. A day filled with Hope and Possibilities. Remember, if the Pops and Rocky can make it, anyone can.

Vanessa and the Pops came by to wish everyone a happy and joyous day.

Tuesday’s have such zeal in the air. They’re so refreshing. Today feels like it’s going to be a really good day.

Let’s kick this day off on the right foot.

1. Things can always be better and things can always be worse. What am I grateful for today, that is the question.

2. Nobody can change everything, but everyone can change something. Let’s make that change and make the world a better place.

Day 575 here in Puerto Rico and day 265 since we rescued Rocky. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.


A miracle named Noodle leads us out tonight

Noodle leads us out tonight

Good evening friends.

We have a very moving story tonight. Say hello to Noodle…

Noodle is a member of our great friend, Valerie Mcguigan & family. Valerie has two other rescues, Bunny and Smudgey. Noodle is a part Yorkie and part Mini Pin cross.

She was dumped off at the shelter where they were instructed to euthanize her because she was sick at the age of about 4 months. Noodles was actually very sick and had never gotten any of her shots. she had Parvo. As most of you know this virus can be fatal if not treated quickly.

The rescue, “Recylcled Pets NorCal”, took her to their vet because they wanted to see if there was any chance of saving her. At that time she weighed almost 3 pounds.

They said their was a slim chance, but there was a chance.. They put her on meds and IV’s for a couple of weeks and managed to save her life. They said she was very lucky.

Valerie mentioned the first picture she saw of Noodle’s beautiful eyes, she knew that she had to rescue her. Noodle spent a few months in rehab and foster care. On April 12th, 2016, she officially became Valerie’s.

Just an amazing little dog, Valeries says. Her and Bunny are crazy running and playing fools, while Smudgey watches on… Once again , the rescue group, “Recycled Pets NorCal”, has saved another amazing little life

Sammy & Family wants to thank Valerie for making the world a better place, one rescue at a time. Nobody can change everything, but everyone can change something. Valerie has made that change an d the difference many times and currently with her 3 rescues.

No lives will go in vain. No pain will go unnoticed. Amen. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.