Happy New Year – 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Good evening friends.

Thank you for stopping by. It’s always a privilege connecting with people from all over the world. It wasn’t too long ago that we only knew our neighbors on our streets, or the cul de sacs we lived on.

Today, the world is my neighborhood. Said another way, I can say hello to people in Australia, Germany, the Philippines and Brazil faster than I can cross the street and say “Good Morning” to my neighbors here in Puerto Rico.

I want to start out with a fun statistic, then some Baby Step New Year’s Resolutions for 2017, and then prayers for our fallen heroes and loved ones this year.  Continue reading

Happy Poppy Rocky Tuesday on December 27th, 2016


Good morning friends.

Happy Poppy Rocky Tuesday. A day filled with Hope and Possibilities. Remember, if the Pops and Rocky can make it, anyone can. Nobody had the decks stacked against them like Poppy and Rocky did.

The odd were zero that all of us would end up together. But it happened anyway. The reason it happened is because Hope, Faith and Love trounce all odds.

When we combine Hope, Faith and Love, we are an unstoppable force.

Let’s remember, on any given day, anything can happen. All we have to do is keep an open mind and heart and let life work it’s magic.

Is your mind positioned to receive some magic today ?

Day 717 here in Puerto Rico and day 405 since we rescued Rocky.

Sincerely, Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas - 2016

Merry Christmas friends.

Christmas is always a special day as we know. But being this year it falls on Sunday Funday, makes is that much sweeter. We call that a Win Win. We like those.

There’s a lot of love out here today. We can feel it right through our computers and devices.

The holidays can be a great time of year for many and they can also can be a lonely time for others. If you find yourself in the latter, reach out and connect with somebody today. Sometimes just hearing a few key words and phrases from someone can change a person’s perspective in an instant.

2016 has been a topsy turvy year to say the least. The major positive that supersedes all the trials and tribulations, has been all the new friendships made.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy Sunday Funday.

Sammy & Briggette

Briggette and Sammy

Good evening friends.

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We have a fun and special post tonight.

This is Sammy and is great friend, Briggette Baust. When Sammy & Briggette meet up, they light up the town. Besides being NYC’s number one hairstylist and colorist, she really knows how to capture great pictures.

Every time these two get together, we always get a classic picture. This is actually the first time I’ve seen this picture. It was just scrolling through my feed like any other picture would. Then while I was scrolling back to find it, I was saying to myself, did I just see Sammy & Briggette in my news feed.

In the past 5 or 6 years, we must have amassed about ten thousand pictures by now. And to be Frank, this picture is in the top ten.

Briggette, you have amazing taste. If I had any hair, you would be my go to stylist and colorist. And if Sammy were a person, you’d definitely be his stylist and colorist.

We’ll see you in the morning friends. Welcome to the weekend.

Scott Smith for Sammy & Family .

Sammy the Pomeranian Reindeer

Sammy is a Part Time Christmas Reindeer

Good morning friends.

Sammy is heading to North Pole as you can see. Each Christmas Santa Claus needs extra reindeer to ensure that all gifts are received around the world.
Several years ago, Sammy was fortunate enough to be selected as one of Santa’s part time reindeer.

Now truth be told, Santa Claus does not know that Sammy is a 10 pound Pomeranian. As you can see here, we have applied some Toy antlers to his head.

The good news is that Santa Claus has a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy for his employees, reindeer included.

Santa Claus actually considers Sammy one of his best part time Reindeer. This will be Sammy’s 4th season working in the North Pole.
OK friends, Sammy is preparing for take-off. We’ll catch up with you later.

Have a great day friends.

Lola is Rocking the Wheels off of Life

Lola is rocking the wheels off of life

Good evening friends. We have a very special story tonight. Say hello to, Lola.

Lola is a member of our great friend’s, Meri Puccio & Family. Lola is 5 years old now. Meri rescued just two months ago in October. Unfortunately, the former owner was not able to give her the care she needed.

As many of you probably figured out by now, Lola is Dachshund.  This particular breed has a tendency to have problems with their back legs because of their long shape. As a result, Lola has lost the use of her back legs 2 years ago.

Despite the complications, Meri stepped up in October and history was in the making. To quote Meri, verbatim, “She is the sweetest…delightful…affectionate little girl. We love her so much”

Currently, Lola is getting weekly acupuncture treatments and its helping a lot. Her legs are getting stronger.

Sammy & Family wants to thank, Meri, for making the world a better place one animal at a time. None of can change everything, but everyone change something. Meri stepped up and changed the world for Lola. And that my friends, is how we make the world a better place.

God bless you Lola. You’re such a little trooper. Animals are so amazing. They’re literally angels walking amongst us. They know nothing of greed. They’re just so grateful to receive love and care.

No lives will go in vain. No pain will go unnoticed. Amen. Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

The Holocaust is Not over, it’s been relocated to Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo, Syria

Good evening friends.

The Holocaust is not in the past, it’s just been relocated to Aleppo, Syria. What’s going on in Aleppo is nothing short of a 21st Century Holocaust.

It pains me to use that term, but it pains the people of Syria in real terms and real time even more. So it’s small price to pay for what those innocent people are enduring day in and day out. It’s also pains me to post something like this 4 days before Christmas. But how can one just look the other in regards to such devastation. The least I could do is write something about them and for them.

We have to remember, this all started with a 26 year year old Tunisian man, who lit himself on fire in defiance of a tyrannical Government trying to extort money from him, which gave way to the Arab Spring in early 2011.

Here we are, almost 6 years later and Syria is in the worst shape its ever been. Over 400,000 people have killed. And killed violently. Yes, you’re not misreading that. 400,000 people have been killed in Syria since the Arab Spring of 2011.

To put that in perspective, on 9/11, America’s worst tragedy in history, 3000 people were killed. Each and every life lost was significant mind you. No question about that. I’m simply trying illustrate the magnitude of the loss in Syria.

The Untied States has lost 5000 troops to date in regards to the 2003, Iraqi War. Again, 400,000 people have been killed in Syria since 2011.

As many of you know, my family and I run a large animal loving community around the world throughout social media. I’m bringing this up because over the years with respect to certain animal cruelties, we have referred to the Holocaust several times as well.

As an animal lover, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Holocaust that is taking place throughout Asia in regards to the Dog and Cat Meat Trade, particularly in Yulia China and South Korea. The Holocaust has also been relocated to Canada in regards to the annual Seal Hunt, the Dolphins being brutalized to death in Taiji, Japan, the Pilot Whales of the Faroe Islands, The Bear Bile farms throughout China, The Fur farms throughout the world, factory farm animals throughout the world, bullfighting, dog fighting operations and so on and so on and so on.

A few years ago, I recorded an audio called, “Where is the Geneva Convention for Animals?” — It struck a chord with people all over the world. When you listen to it, please extrapolate the same principles regarding Aleppo, Syria.

There is no amount of money on earth or ideological differences that can justify what is going on in Aleppo. The world’s values are inverted. It’s supposed to be “Lives before Profits”, not the other way around. It’s supposed to be “Lives before differences in ideologies”

Until we put people and animal’s lives above everything else, history will keep repeating itself. It’s very sad because it does Not have to be this way. The Fruits of the Earth are plentiful enough for Animals and People to live in abundance.

Here’s the audio link;  “Where is The Geneva Convention for Animals?” 

No lives will go in vain. No pain will go unnoticed. Amen. Dr. Harp Seal for Sammy & Family.

Brenda Limer and her two angels, Emee and Little Britches

Happy Birthday Emee

Good evening friends.

We have a very special post tonight. Say hello to Emee on the left with her brother, Little Britches on the right. Emee is 10 years old today. What a tremendous milestone.

Emee and Little Britches are members of our great friends Benda Limer and Family. Brenda is a big time animal lover. She has always been involved with animal rescue.

Let’s hear what Brenda has to say about rescuing Emee.

“I bought Emee when she was 3mos. old. I thought I had done all the checking on the kennel that she came from, but Sadly I didn’t know enough at that time. Our ride home with her was a nightmare. She had curled up in my arms and was sleeping to begin with. We had a 4 hour drive ahead of us. Not long after picking her up she woke up but was lethargic & a bit glazed in her eyes. I gave her some sugar supplement that I had brought with me, thinking it was just a matter of low blood sugar with all the traveling she was doing that day.

She perked up & was fine till we went to bed. A that time, I noticed she was not acting right. I again gave her the sugar supplement, but to no avail, Emee ended up having a really bad night.

I rushed her to emergency vet early the next morning. I found out she was so full of worms and they were draining her. Needless to say I was beyond upset.

After we got her medicine and fluids, I took her home to continue to care for her. She came close to dying on me that night. She is what made me do a lot of research on puppy mills and the lengths they’ll go to sell their puppies.

I’ve been an advocate for puppy mill babies, their moms & dads ever since. I’m very Thankful for this little girl who has given me so much joy when I needed it most. She is always by my side. She makes me laugh with her silly antics. She is still active at ten years old.  later.

Emee loves when a throw a ball to her. It depends on her mood if the little snits will bring it back to me to throw again. She is also the alpha of the pack here and let’s everyone know it. Typical for Pomeranian’s by the way.

What Emee says goes! The others tow the line with her around. She quick to give me her kisses & snuggle on my lap with the rest of the pack for a nap. She always has her special place in my lap and my heart. Her kisses lift my spirits & lets me know she loves me still. I will never regret the day I brought her home, the money we spent to buy her or the vet bill the following day. As they say “Who rescued who?”

Brenda, that was an incredible story. Thank you for sharing your journey with Emee with us. I was very moved when reading this story. It’s amazing how these little innocent souls take our lives to new heights.

Sammy & Family wants to thank Brenda for making the world a better place several animals at a time. Nobody can change, but everybody can change someone’s world. And Brenda has changed the lives of animals for the good over and over again in her life.

Happy Birthday Emee. Love Sammy & Family .

The Soldier of Love

The Soldier of Love

Good evening friends.

Dr. Harp Seal here. Thank you for stopping by. So tonight, I’m going to tell the story of Henry, the Solider of Love. We have written on this before. But I figured it would be nice to speak the message.

The Solider of Love comes from Henry’s ability to put Sammy and Patrick’s needs and wants before his own. Henry is happy when they’re happy. He is as selfless as they come. As a matter of fact, Henry and I have a pact, when Sammy and Patrick are happy, we Are happy. In many ways, Henry is like Batman. A silent guardian. A watchful Protector.

That’s how the story of “The Soldier of Love” came about.

To find out about Dr. Harp Seal, click here; https://soundcloud.com/dr-harp-seal/who-is-dr-harp-seal

Susan to the Rescue

Susan to the Rescue

Good evening friends.

This is Sammy & Family’s great friend Susan Rubin. Many of you probably remember her for all the rescue work she does and the posts we’ve done for her rescues. She also runs an online animal community called, From the Pound to the Penthouse.

A quick recap on Susan. I do this because as animal loving people, it’s a blessing for all of us to have a person like Susan Rubin on the front lines for animals. Susan is the person that walks into Animal Control Centers and walks out with the animals that nobody wants. Whether they have health complications or are missing limbs, Susan deals from the heart.

Susan has three permanent rescues of her own. Many a times she will take in fosters and bridge them back to life. Friends, with all candor, Susan is the real deal Holyfield in regards to animal rescue and welfare.

Susan is now offering her Pet expertise services in the NW Washington, DC and Chevy Chase Maryland neighborhoods. Those services include caring for dogs at her home, pet training for pets and their families, certain medical services if needed and exercise services

Let’s hear what she has to say below;

I am a certified pet trainer (APDT, CPDT). I train new puppies and their families as well as senior dogs and the folks who have recently adopted them–and everyone in between–even cats! I focus on basic obedience including the basic commands, proper leash and house manners. I have helped shy animals to gain more confidence and dominant pets to newly perceive their people (especially the children in the family) as alpha.

I care for dogs at my home when their families travel. My house is very pet friendly, and the furry guests make themselves at home with pet beds and toys in every room. Dogs must be dog friendly as I have my own dogs.

I offer certain medical services ranging from giving pills to giving subcutaneous fluids for pets with kidney disease.

I also offer specialized exercise services for young high energy dogs such as lengthy supervised playtime in my large backyard or hikes in nearby parks.

Exercise and training are often offered together since high energy dogs need to exercise before they can focus on learning.

I serve the NW Washington, DC and Chevy Chase Maryland neighborhoods.

Checkout Susan’s Youtube channel, where she has interviewed animal loving celebrates like Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke, Pauley Perrette, Russel Simmons, Ed Asner and more. Click right here.

Also enclosed are two recommendation from very satisfied Customers.

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