Poppy Rocky Lucky Tuesday on July 18th, 2017

Poppy Rocky Lucky Tuesday

Happy Poppy Rocky Lucky Tuesday.

A day filled with Hope and Possibilities. Remember, if the Pops, Rocky and Lucky can make it, anyone can. Anytime you’re feeling a little defeated, think of the story of the Pops, Rocky and Lucky to help propel you forward.

OK, let’s kick this day off with two positive notions.

1. Sometimes things only have to get a little better to be a lot better. Small tweaks, big gains.

2. If we want something to change, we have to change something. What will we do differently today than yesterday, so tomorrow we’re happy about it ?

Day 913 here in Puerto Rico. Day 600 since we rescued Rocky, and day 70 since we rescued Lucky.

Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.