The proposed lifting of the Elephant Trophy Import Ban – Sizing It Up

The proposed lifting of the elephant trophy import banPicture by; EarthXplorer Media

Good evening friends.

Tonight, I’m going to size of up the proposed lifting of the ban on importing elephant parts and possibly lion parts too. Please pardon the naivety of my post. I never received the email from Mother Nature saying people can decide which animals live, which animals die and by what numbers. Nonetheless, I’m going to take a shot at it.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said on Thursday it would allow such importation, arguing that encouraging wealthy big-game hunters to kill the threatened species would help raise money for conservation programs. (Source – Associated Press)

Let’s break that down. So, what they’re saying is let’s allow wealthy big game hunters to go to Africa and kill elephants to raise money to help conservation programs. Mind you, one of the those programs is to help endangered elephants from becoming extinct. To me, the same is to say; Let’s hand out drugs to recovering drug addicts in the hopes of helping drug addicts overall.

Folks, over the years I’ve heard a lot of nonsensical excuses regarding hunting for sport. For example; Hunters are just killing these animals for population control, they’re doing it to feed the impoverished locals, the money raised from hunting contests will go towards kid with cancer and so on and so on. But, for the Fish and Wildlife to say we should allow the killing of elephants to raise money to protect elephants and other programs, is downright deplorable.

As an accounting major and formerly of finance for 21 years, with conviction I tell you that Hunters have zero altruistic intentions. Zero. If hunters really want to help conversation programs, just hand over the money and leave the animals alone. Problem solved.

By the way, the term “Sport Hunting” is very misleading to begin with. The word “sport” implies two consenting teams want to play. I am 100 percent confident that animals do NOT want to play this sport. So let’s call it what it is, “Taking a life that’s now ours to take” —

Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it’s not murder. The people killing all these animals are not in compliance with Universal Laws. Is anyone paying attention to how hostile Mother Nature is getting? – How many warning signs do we need? – The hubris and arrogance of the human race is going send us into extinction.

Think about the amount of pressure the Bloodthirsty Gun Lobby is putting on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and President Trump for them to actually try sell such malarkey to the American People and the world. I mean, I would respect them more if they just said it already, “We want the Elephant and Lion ban lifted because we love to kill. Our lives are very mundane and killing innocent, defenseless animals really seems to distract us from our boring existence”

Friends, remember my post from November 5th after the Texas shooting – Highlights below;

There are 300 million guns circulating in the U.S. Yes, 300 million. 75 percent of those 300 Million Guns are owned by white men. Guess what ? — White Men only make up 32 percent of the United states’ population.

Let me break that down, 32 percent of the U.S. Population owns 75 percent of the guns. Does that really sound like “The Right to Bear Arms” is why those 32 percent of citizens have all those guns ? — Of course not. It’s about money and people’s obsession with guns and killing.

The Gun industry distracts everyone with the term “The Right to Bear Arms” while peddling guns like crack dealers peddle crack. We all know money is important in this life. Nobody’s disputing that. But, it’s supposed to be “Lives before Profits”, not the other way around.

Back to tonight’s post;

It’s the same 32 percent that owns the majority of the guns begging for hunting bans to be lifted so they can get out there and kill kill kill. It’s the same 32 percent pounding the table about “The Right to Bear Arms” to keep fear and anxiety high and gun sales pumping. And this insatiable obsession with guns and killing has severely aggravated and exacerbated  the gun epidemic in this country.

The point I’m making again is that very few guns sales have anything to do with Self Protection. Thirst for blood is the main driver of the Gun Industry. Feel free to listen to an audio I did years ago called, “The Second Amendment from the Perspective of an Animal” — You can find it on SoundCloud under Dr. Harp Seal.

And to that end, I say to all of the innocent animals and people caught in the cross-hairs of America’s biggest cancer, “Obsession with Guns and Killing”, no lives will go in vain, no pain will go unnoticed. Amen. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Tribute for Tiiger the Cat

Rest In Peace Tiiger

Good evening friends.

Tonight we pay tribute to fallen angel, Tiiger. This beautiful soul was a member of my good friend, Kristi Elme and family from Estonia.

Tiiger’s life was tragically cut short two nights ago at 13 years old. Sadly, he was hit by a car and died instantaneously. There was a very decent lady who saw Tiiger’s body in the street and gave him a proper burial. Had it not been for that lady, Kristi would’ve never known what happened to Tiiger.

Kristi was telling me that Tiiger was her best friend for 13 years. He was her only furball. Tiiger was so in tuned to Kristi. He knew exactly when she was feeling down and always managed to heal her. Our animals do that for us. That is why I always say “Animals are angels walking amongst us.”

Kristi mentioned that Tiiger was not like other cats. He has his own temperament and marched to his own drum. But, at the end of the day, he always retired with Kristi each night at bedtime.

As I wrote that last sentence, I realized how much identification I had with it. It’s those little things that mean so much to us. Our animals always know where we are. Even when they’re out and about, they know exactly where we are. The love and security we offer them allows them to feel secure enough to be and about in the first place. And for that love and security, when we wake up, just like Kristi describes, they’re right there beside us. It’s a very spiritual connection we have with our animals.

There’s no doubt about it, this tragedy is a very tough pill to swallow. If any words can be offered to comfort such a tragedy, I guess I would start by saying the 13 years Kristi and Tiiger had together are frozen in time. It could never be taken from them. Those memories are forever.

Sammy & Family wants to thank Kristi for making the world a better place, one animal at a time. I only wish animals around the world could have the life that Kristi gave Tiiger.

No lives will go in vain. No pain will go unnoticed. Amen. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Veterans Day – 2017

Veterans Day - 2017

In observance of Veterans Day, we salute all of those who’ve served and are serving in the military. God bless you. Special thanks to retired Armyman, Emmanuel Enrique Dextre and The United States Army for making this special uniform for Sammy.

Goodnight friends.

This is No Ordinary Love – Reiteration

This is No Ordinary Love - Reiteration

Fun video of this post;

Good morning friends.

I told everyone on May 16th, 2017, this is No Ordinary Love. Today, on November 7th, my love for Lucky has catapulted into the stratosphere. I am so “Lucky in Love” that even my neighbors say to me, “Scott, you really love that dog, don’t you?”

And with that, Happy Poppy Rocky Lucky Tuesday. A day filled with Hope and Possibilities. Remember, if Poppy, Rocky and Lucky can make it, anyone can.

For all of our new friends – Poppy, Rocky and Lucky are three of our seven dogs. The odds of all us being together were zero, but it happened anyway.

Anytime you’re feeling a little down and defeated, think of their story to propel you forward. Nobody had the decks stacked more against them than they did. It shows us that love, faith and hope can trounce any odds.

OK, let’s kick this day off with a positive notion;

Every time we rescue an animal, a miracle is created. Rescuing an animal is a very spiritual experience.

Day 1032 in Puerto Rico. Yes, 1032. Day 720 since we rescued Rocky, and day 182 since we rescued Lucky.

Scott Smith for Sammy & Family