Story of Sammy Loves The World begins now…

Hi there.  Hope everyone had a nice day. So I thought I would share a story tonight about Sammy when he was little. I coined a phrase for him from the very beginning, “Sammy Loves the World “, not a very sophisticated phrase, but it was very fitting. When I got Sammy, I lived on the 54th Floor of the second largest residential building on East 38th Street. Not being boastful, it was a rental.

Scott and Sammy

Anyhow, some nights after work, I was just too tired to take him out, especially in winter. He got out a lot, don’t get me wrong, and yes I had wee pads for him when I kept him in. The point is, on the nights when I just wanted to stay home, I used to pick him up so he could stare out the window. It always amazed me watching him watch the world.


Sammy the Pumpkin

He would look down at all the people walking by, the taxis, the buses and was completely entranced. I used to say to friends that when he watched the world, if you offered him food or other dogs to play with, you could not distract him from looking outside. I never saw that with a dog before.

Sammy with the remote control

When I would speak to my family and friends, I used to say, “Sammy loves the World”.  And he really did. We would venture out a lot, and my God, when he was out, every step he took, after each store we walked by, you would think the biggest party in town was going on. I know we all look at him as this cute little thing, and believe me, so do I. But much more than that, he is the happiest living thing I have ever seen in my life. This little man takes nothing for granted, and smiles the second he wakes up, until the second we all retire for the night.

Sammy on the catwalk

Naturally the general attrition of life took place as time moved on, people saw this quality, and he wasn’t just the cute Sammy anymore, he was the little boy that was going to make you happy right then and there. As social media came into our lives, the natural thing was to share this smile and appreciation for life with anyone and everyone. So when I look back on that boy that used to stare at the world from the 54th Floor in the sky, I knew he would lift people’s spirits around the world. When someone loves the world like he does, how can that not resonate through all of us? So the term “Sammy Loves The World” was a real experience, not just some slogan. It was those lonely nights on the 54th Floor that Sammy just blew me away.

Amen.  Love Sammy & Family.