Who is Dr. Harp Seal?

Dr. Harp Seal is Sammy’s alter ego. Here’s how Dr. Harp Seal came into being…

Dr Harp Seal

First, from the time Sammy was a baby, he had an amazing ability to make people happy. People from all walks of life, and people in all different kinds of moods, took to him. He reminded me of a doctor, because doctors make people feel better.

Dr Harp Seal

Second, I have always felt a tremendous amount of compassion for Harp Seals, well any seals for that matter, and what goes on with them.

Third, Sammy looks like a harp seal, as we have all seen.

Dr Harp Seal

So, Dr. Harp Seal was morphed out that information, and he’s a keeper. Nothing feels better, or more real then creating something out of the experiences of one’s own life. Dr. Harp Seal was born just that way.

Let me leave you with this, Dr. Harp Seal represents animal kindness across all species.

His mantra is: Animal Equality. A tireless Journey. There will be no retreat.

Have a great day.