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Gemma Weston; Flyboard Extraordinaire

Good morning friends.

We have Gemma Weston, the Flyboard world champion on The Good News Channel today. I guess its not surprising as new technologies keep sprouting up, so do extreme sports. In Gemma’s case, more specifically, hydro-flight extreme water sports.  Flyboarding has been around for a couple of years and has recently made its way to mainstream media. The Flyboard is a PWC (Personal Water Craft) accessory that once installed, allows a person to elevate up to 45 feet in the air using water jet propulsion technology.

Gemma Watson - Fly-boarding

In the last year we did a story on Andrew Cotton who surfed the biggest wave ever in Portugal of 2014, recently we did a story on Roberta Mancino who has taken base jumping and wing-suit flying to a whole new level,  and today we have the privilege of featuring New Zealander, Gemma watson, one of the best flyboarders in the world.

Gemma 2

Flyboard world cup in Dubai.  You can see more of Gemma Weston on Instagram.

Just 3 months ago, I really knew nothing of flyboarding.  Then I started noticing videos all over social media of this young woman doing miraculous stunts 40 feet above water like Aquaman or something, or Aquawoman I should say. Well that Aquawoman, was Gemma Weston. Friends, this girl’s got skills. Serious skills.

Gemma Weston

This is Gigi, one of Gemma’s dogs back home in New Zealand. 

When one of Gemma’s videos first grazed my eye, I literally said to myself: “No way I just saw that” — Then I went back to watch her full 2 minute video and realized I did just see that. Basically, Flyboaring is a mixture of , skateboarding, surfing, skiing and flying in the air above water.

Video of Gemma Weston flyboarding in Dubai for World Cup 2015  — A Quick & Must See. 

Roberta Mancino: Jack of all Trades, Master of Everything

Hi friends. We are thrilled to feature Roberta Mancino on “The Good News Channel”

As you know we have been doing features on people and animals doing amazing things all of the world. Roberta is arguably one of the best skydivers, base jumpers and wing-suit flyers in the world. She’s racked up countless awards across all of those categories. I will list several of them later in this feature. We all have seen and heard of Skydiving and Base Jumping, but Wingsuit flying really made its way to the mainstream stage in just the last couple of years. I can say with confidence, Wingsuit flying is by far the most extreme sport on Earth.  We want to give a shout out to Matt Meyerson who represents Roberta for being so accommodating with respect to this feature.

Flying Smile


Just another day at the office for Roberta 

Roberta Mancino was born in Italy about 25 miles south of Rome. She keeps herself in tip top shape for the extreme life she lives.  She danced a lot in her life, she even was into kickboxing for 8 years, and she hits the gym frequently.  Before flying and diving with animals, she did many other sports starting with classic ballet at the age of 4 and kick boxing and boxing at the age of 14. Roberta first started skydiving in 2000 at 19 years old. Her first base jump was in 2009.

Roberta Swimming with Crocodile

Swimming with Crocodiles off the Coast of Mexico

As if that was not enough, Roberta is an avid scuba diver who frequently scuba dives with sharks and other marine life. All kinds of sharks; Tiger sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Whale sharks and etc. She also has an affection for stingrays and finds them very playful. Roberta has also spent time underwater with Manatee seals. The one encounter I saw that blew me away was when Roberta got up close and personal with a  crocodile. She said, “Often times Predators are misunderstood. What looks like a monster can actually be harmless and gentle if you show them love”  —  You can see more of Roberta swimming with Crocodiles.

Wing Suit flying in Panama City

Flying between buildings in panama city photo by Noah Bahnson.  Checkout Robert’s Website.

Roberta is very well known in the skydiving and Wing-Suit flying circles, but what catapulted her on the mainstream stage was her Wingsuit flight through two towers in Panama City, in December of 2015. This is when Sammy & Family first learned of Roberta Mancino.  I remember seeing this young woman literally fly like a bird between two towers in Panama City and almost fell off my chair.

picture selfie with my Gopro in Panama

Selfie with my Gopro in Panama. Roberta is sponsored by Gopro. See more of Robert’s adventures on her  Facebook Page

I started looking around my living room wondering if I actually just saw that, or if I was inside of some dream or something. So I started doing some research on this real life Super Hero to learn what she was all about. The more I read about her, the more I could not believe how Roberta literally lives life to a level I’ve never seen before.

Roberta with two Whale Sharks

photo by Shawn Heinrichs in between the whale sharks, Cebu Philippines.  Checkout some of Robert’s best skydiving and scuba diving experiences on her;

You might want to think of Roberta Mancino as a combination of a 21st Century Wonder Woman, a female version of James Bond and Indiana Jones. Here’s the thing about those comparisons, that still would not compare to the real life of Roberta. I mean after all, the characters I just mentioned are Actors and Actresses. Roberta Mancino is the Real Life version of all of them put together and more.

GoPro adventure in Canada

In Canada during the Gopro adventure camp. Roberta always makes time for animals and nature. 

I will take it a step further, if the Hollywood studios that own the James Bond Franchise were smart, they would change “007’s” name to “00Mancino” starring Roberta Mancino — Think about it, the studios would Not even have to write the script because Roberta’s actual life is the script.  Someone get Hollywood on the phone, Roberta Mancino will trounce the box offices bringing in billions of dollars worldwide in tickets sales. No question about it.

GoPro Selfie in Canada

Selfie with my Gopro in Canada during Gopro adventure camp. More of Roberta on Facebook.

Roberta has done stunt work for movies like “Iron Man Three” and others, and television shows also. But for Pete’s sake, forget hiring her as a stunt woman, give her the leading role. Anyway, that is my two cents for Hollywood in regards to this larger than life young lady.

bobby brown commercial in dubai photo by Noah Bahnson

Bobby Brown commercial in Dubai photo by Noah Bahnson.  Roberta is Sponsored by Gopro.

Lets talk statistics. Roberta Mancino has done almost 9,000 skydives and about 500 of those were Wingsuit dives. She has done about 450 BASE jumps and 300 of those were Wingsuit jumps. By the way, you did not misread that. She has done just about Nine Thousand Skydives. That number is staggering. Think about just hitting the “Enter” key on your keyboard 9000 times, that would be crazy right ?  Well that’s how many times she has jumped out of small aircraft and helicopters, ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 feet high. All I can say to that is, Holy _hit. Pardon my French.

Roberta Wingsuit flying in Dubai

Picture During the Bobby Brown commercial in Dubai photo by Noah Bahnson
For those unfamiliar with what exactly Wingsuit flying is, this will help….. Wingsuit flying is the art of flying the human body through the air using a special jumpsuit, called a wingsuit. It’s the closest thing to flying like a bird does.  The Wingsuit shapes the body into an airfoil, which helps to create lift. A wingsuit can be flown from spots that provide enough altitude to glide through the air, such as skydiving aircraft or BASE jumping exit points.

picture photo with my mom in rome

Roberta with her mom in Rome

Let’s take a closer look at what BASE Jumping is.  BASE is an acronym for building, antenna, span, and Earth; which are the objects that Base Jumpers jump from. So in essence, they jump from buildings, antenna towers, span, which is a term used for all kinds of bridges. The Earth part of the Acronym, “BASE” refers to mountains, cliffs, canyons and etc.  Most base jumps take place below 800 feet. The average base jump is anywhere from 200 to 500 feet.

picture at the safari zoo photo by jeb corliss

picture at the safari zoo photo by Jeb Corliss

This Video above is of Roberta Wing-suit flying through Panama City Skyline. Folks this is possibly the greatest Video of all time.  #Yup

 picture with my best friends those girls are incredible skydivers in Norway

Roberta with her best friends who are incredible skydivers in Norway.
The more I learned about Roberta, the more impressed I became. In the midst of all these extreme sports she is involved in, whether in the air or the Ocean, she is a very grounded person. Her life philosophy is follow your dreams until they become true. It doesn’t happen overnight, you have to put in the work and be patient. Sammy & Family loves that message. Too often, we see all this glory in the media and forget the fact that 15 years of work went into perfecting these skills. And not just work, hard core training.
roberta 8
 Photo by Max Haim at the rescue zoo in Dubai with baby lion.  More of Roberta on Facebook.
Roberta also happens to be a Supermodel. She did her first modeling job at 16 years old. She been featured in Vouge Italy, Rolling Stone (Italy), Vanity Fair (Italy), New York Times (USA), Extreme SPort Magazine (Australia), Maxim (USA), Men’s Fitness (USA) and dozens of other shoots for print magazines.  Roberta has done many commercials as well.  From, Honda, to Hello Kitty international campaign, to Ducati Moto, Tittarelli Jewels and so on and so on.
picture underwater in Tahiti Monrea photo by @mataiealifestyle
 Awesome picture of the Oceans surface seemingly connected to the sky. picture underwater in Tahiti Monrea..  photo by @mataiealifestyle on Instagram. 

Although Roberta is a one of Italy’s top models, she promotes herself more as an extreme sports athlete. It’s not that she does not like to model, but it pails in comparison to jumping out of planes when skydiving, BASE jumping off mountains or Wingsuit jumps and flying like a bird.  When you think of it in those terms, you can see how runway modeling might seem kind of flat.

picture whale shark red dress photo by Kristian Schmidt in Cebu philippines

 Whale shark red dress photo by Kristian Schmidt in Cebu Philippines. Checkout Robert’s incredible pictures on Instagram

This photo shoot above with the Whale Shark is breathtaking.  Its a stunning photograph.  When “The Good News Channel” was deciding which pictures to use for this feature, it was overwhelming. I mean every picture was better than the next. We went through hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Roberta doing so many different activities that was hard to keep track. Fortunately, when we saw this picture with the whale shark, Roberta had commented that this had been one of her favorite pictures. So for us it was a No Brainer to use this one, lol.

 a day of skydiving in Puerto Escondido photo by Klockner

A day of skydiving in Puerto Escondido photo by Klockner

Roberta was all smiles despite that she’ll be free falling from 10,000 to 15,000 feet in the air within moments.  I guess its true what they say; “No Guts, No Glory.”

skydiving with clouds photo by my gopro

Skydiving in the clouds photo by Robert’s Gopro. More of Robert’a adventures on WEBSITE 

This is a powerful picture of Roberta and friends skydiving above the clouds. Despite the extreme nature of these kinds of sports, she speaks about the Comradery that has developed between these professional thrill seekers. Roberta admits that most of her friends are men due to the risk of such extreme sports. And she hopes to come across more female skydivers and Base Jumpers in the future.

Picture in China during the world wingsuit league photo by Kristian Schmidt

Picture in China during the world wing-suit league photo by Kristian Schmidt

When you are an Extreme Athlete, a Shark Diving enthusiast, a supermodel, and just a down to Earth really nice person, its no surprise to have crowds around you like this.

picture picture by Dario Perroflauta wings for love competition in China

Picture by Dario Perroflauta wings for love competition in China. See more of Roberta on Facebook.

To us mortals this picture above of Roberta Wingsuit flying in China, seems unfathomable. It’s amazing to see how poised and composed she is while flying like a bird. I guess it’s like they say; “Experience is the best teacher.” And Roberta Mancino is as experienced as they come.

with a sting ray in Tahiti photo by mataiealifestyle

With a sting ray in Tahiti photo by @mataiealifestyle on Instagram. 

Quote from Roberta “Sometimes I just want to be in the ocean with those animals and feel thankful to be part of their day and happy to play with them.”

Roberta Noah 1

Here’s Roberta skydiving, cool as a cucumber.  Here’s the literal definition of Skydiving; its a method of exiting an aircraft and returning to Earth with the aid of gravity, then slowing down during the last part of the descent by using a Parachute.  See more of Roberta on Instagram.

Roberta with Manatee Seal

Roberta with Manatee Seal in Florida.  See more of Roberta on her Website.

This is a very touching picture of Roberta and a Manatee Seal. It shows friendship across specie lines. What a wonderful world it could be.  Roberta says, “Beauty is in all living creatures.”

Friends, I will close with this. After doing my homework on Roberta and writing this story, let her be a reminder for us to live our lives. Not just exist simply because oxygen is still flowing through our bodies. But to engage in life and work at something you love. There is a famous expression many of us are familiar with; “When you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.” — Roberta Mancino clearly lives by that expression.

This young woman at the age of 35 has lived more of a full life than 100 people put together. Roberta truly makes the world a better place with her kindness and passions. They say a cat has nine lives, well Roberta Mancino must have hundreds of lives then. I am truly inspired by this larger than life young woman.  We hope all of our friends from around the world were inspired by this feature as well.

Sponsors; GoPro and Turbolenza.

Representation; Matt Meyerson.  You can find him on Twitter; @MattRPRT

Below is a list of some of the Championships and awards Roberta has won.

2003 Malevski Cup, Russia Freestyle and Space Games Freestyle, 1st
2005 Italian Record
2005 Euro Record
2007 European Record for Formation Freefly
2007 World Record for Formation 69-Way Freefly
2005 Italian Nationals of Skydiving, 1st
World Record 108-way freefly
2013 ProBase Worldcup, 2nd

Source of award info above is from; 


Summation of her multiple Professions below;

Professional Extreme Athlete and Model
About 15 years of skydiving experience with 9000 skydives in locations all around the world.
For the past several years Roberta has been training extensively in the art of base jumping and wing-suit
flying. Over 12 years of scuba diving experience, recently focusing on diving with the most dangerous sharks on earth. Over 8 years of full contact kickboxing experience. Professional model for the last 15 years.

It’s Three Smile Thursday

Three Smiles


Good morning friends.

We brought you a little visual Vitamin-C this morning.  Today is Three Smile Thursday.  Three great people, Three great smiles.  Vanessa, Briggette and Sammy came to wish you all a great day.

Tip of the day; We do the best we can with what we have, that’s all life can ask from us.

Happy Thursday.

Reading still holds Value

Reading still holds Value

Good morning friends.

Sammy came by with an important message. He said in the world of texting, emailing, instant messaging, skype and so on and so on, that its still important to actually read something from time to time.

I know, I know, I am sure a lot of jaws just hit the floor, but reading still holds value. When we read something, we can learn about things.

Now in Scott’s case he has a legitimate excuse. Between his A.D.D and his slight case of Dyslexia, reading is impossible. Thank goodness for audio books,lol.

See you tonight friends. Day 407 here in Puerto Rico. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

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