Movie Rewrites

A Movie Rewrite is when we change the end of a movie and add a few concepts to the story. They are a quick read, and are extremely entertaining.  Our rewrites challenge conventional imagination as we know it. Some have said, our Movie Rewrites are the most creative pieces of writing since Ink was created. Others have said they are completely ridiculous. Please judge for yourself.

The Movie Rewrite for “Ghost”

The movie rewrite for "Ghost"

Did you ever wish the movie “Ghost” ended differently ?

So in the Rewrite, Oda Mae Brown, which was played by Whoopi Goldberg’s, stayed in touch with Sam, played by Patrick Swayze, since he died in the movie in 1990.

Let’s fast forward to the end of 2015. So 25 years have passed now. Molly had a new life and moved on with time. She never remarried or felt that kind of love again like with Sam. But she did find contentment, and that’s good. Oda Mae became the psychic of psychics. She is so renowned, the CIA uses her services to track down terrorists through other terrorists that have died. It takes about 18 months to get an appointment with her now.  Anyway, Oda Mae sees Molly continues to struggle with relationships, it upsets her deeply.

Now truth be told, Oda Mae has kept in touch with Sam since his death, despite Molly not knowing. And being Steven Jobs, the Tech Icon who changed the world had passed away in October 2011, a bell went off in Oda Mae’s head to the likes of when Ben Siegel ( Bugsy ), in the 1940’s had a vision of Air Conditioned Casinos in the middle of the desert, now known as Las Vegas.  And Bam, she introduced Steve Jobs & Sam through her medium capabilities in the after-life.

They hit it off right away, a lot of synergy. Oda Mae pitched an idea to Mr. Jobs about creating a Hologram Application to mirror Sam’s image, which would be remotely controlled by the actual Sam in the after-life. Literally a spitting image in real time. Steve Jobs admitted he’d been working on that for a long time while alive. So Mr. Jobs went for it, and beta tested his Hologram Application with Sam.

Oda Mae was thrilled, she knew Molly would be elated. Having something beta tested with Mr. Jobs is as good as a done deal. Remember, this is the man who can do no wrong with applications and design. The only catch is that its just an image, even though its in real time. It’s not a physical being. Nonetheless, it soothed the loneliness for Molly as she had her best friend back.

Mr. Jobs was so moved by the Molly / Sam story, that he asked Oda Mae to introduce him to the actual deceased Patrick Swayze, and so she did. Steve Jobs knew Mr. Swayze had a pretty painful demise in the end, Jobs can relate. Upon meeting the actual Mr. Swayze, Mr. Jobs offered him the same hologram situation back to his ranch on the outskirts of Las Angels where he died. Patrick Swayze jumped with both feet at the offer.

Eventually, in the after-life, Sam, Patrick Swayze and Steve Jobs became so close,  they were called the three musketeers.

Mr. Jobs went on to explain to Sam and the actual Patrick Swayze, what those dark shadowy images making scary sounds in the movie “Ghost” were. He explained those were transporters to hell. They were specially created for Seal Clubbers, Dolphin and Whale slaughterers, bear baiters, bull fighters, people behind dog fighting, rooster fighting, farm animal abuse and so on, and so on, and so on. Those shadowy images stood for the lowest level of hell. It was such a hit in “Zip code Hell”, they now get called for all kinds of evil..

Sam and the actual Patrick Swayze were very grateful to Mr. Jobs. He once again changed lives, and after-lives for that matter. Mr. Jobs told them in secrecy that he was going to make a hologram og himself and go back to Apple and take back the CEO role in Cupertino, CA. Apparently traders on Wall Street got wind the news and the stock surged 1500 percent in 3 days.

The End. Movie still would’ve been great.

The Movie Rewrite for “Rocky 3”

Rocky 3 movie rewrite

Did you ever wish in the movie “Rocky 3” that Mickey did Not die “

In the rewrite, after Mickey passes away, Rocky is unable to deal with it. He didn’t think that time would ever heal him either. He needed some hope and to know that one day, he and Mickey would meet again.

At that moment, a bell when off in his head. Rocky remembered that when Ted Williams, the legendary baseball player, passed away, his family had Ted’s body frozen cryogenically. Crazily enough, Rocky decided to have the same thing done to Mickey.  The year was 1982. Fast forward 33 years to 2015, Rocky is now 64 years old. After all those years, not a day goes by when he doesn’t think of Mickey.

On his way home from work one night, Rocky was reminiscing about his famous fight with Mr T.  — While in heavy thought, he goes to call his wife and subconsciously dials Mickeys old number instead.  Micky had accidentally been frozen with his Very Rare Motorola cell phone only for VIP’s  while Rocky was was champ). The phone was left on vibrate at the time of his death. In a fluke electrical surge, the phone began vibrating and cracked the ice in a thousand pieces. Mickey fell right to the floor. Next thing you know, at 112 years old, Mickey stands up with the body and energy of a 25 year old man.

The cryogenic facility suddenly realized they didn’t need to wait for a Medical Breakthrough; it was actual time being frozen that restored a human being to normalcy. Meanwhile, Mickey with his new found youth, goes back into boxing with Rocky as his 61 year old trainer. He then goes onto becoming the Heavyweight Champion of the world at 112 years old and only 89 pounds.

Needless to say, Ted Williams’s family was ecstatic about the news regarding this new medical discovery and what it would mean for them, not to mention Cryogenics as a whole.  The Williams family Had Ted immediately had Ted removed from the ice. . Ted Williams also returned to his roots by going into the baseball business. Teds motives were different then Mickeys though, he actually found baseball very boring.  So this time around Ted was going to try to close the sport down for good. The End… The movie still would’ve been a great.

The Movie Rewrite for “The Life of Pi”

The movie rewrite for "The Life of Pi"

Good evening friends.

Welcome to the movie rewrite for “The Life of Pi.” — Now the truth is “Life of Pi” ended pretty well. But some parts have to be rewritten, which in turn will cause the end to change too.

Pi’s quote; “I was weeping because Richard Parker left me so unceremoniously. It broke my heart. You know my father was right: Richard Parker never saw me as his friend”

So in the Rewrite we’re going to mend Pi’s broken heart. Lets pick it up from the scene where after all the battles with Mother Nature, they finally made it safely to Mexico’s shores.

This is where the Tiger (Richard Parker)  jumps out of the boat and runs directly into the jungle without even glancing back back at Pi. After 227 days at sea, not even a glance.  You can feel the anguish when you think of all that time together at sea.  But we also have to remember what Pi said, “Tending to Richard Parker’s needs gives my life purpose” — And that purpose kept Pi marching forward each day and essentially kept him alive.

Remember, Richard Parker the Tiger grew up in a zoo and while he was always in training, he didn’t  have to fend for his food, it was provided for him.  And despite the magnitude of the shipwreck which set Pi and the Tiger on a 227 day journey, Richard Parker still didn’t have to fend for himself with food, Pi provided it by fishing for both of them.

The tiger finds himself  in the jungles of Mexico alone having to provide for himself for the first time. This was the scariest time in Richard Parker’s life.  Now if you remember in June of 2012, the tiger Vitaly in the movie “Madagascar 3” was always looking out for his circus buddies and was quite the risk taker.  Vitaly was now part of a failing circus that the Madagascar team hooked up with to make another attempt to reach home.  When they escaped the circus they fled to Mexico as well.  It turns out Vitaly and the gang were hiding out in the same Mexican Jungle that Richard Parker now finds himself in.  Being the Madagascar Crew had been there a few months already they helped provide Richard Parker with food.

Within a few weeks, Vitaly and Richard Parker were best friends. After all, they are both tigers and both grew up in a zoo entertaining people from near and far. So being the brave tiger that Vitaly likes to be, he suggests to Richard Parker they head to Hollywood to put their skills at use.  Vitaly was a smooth talker so took the role of the manager, and Richard Parker would be the actor.

When they got to Hollywood Vitaly  immediately gets Richard Parker the tiger an agent.  The agent sends Richard Parker on a call for a Frosted Flakes commercial, only now they wanted a real life Tony the Tiger actor instead of just the cartoon we’ve all grown accustomed to.  Low and behold, Richard Parker was a natural entertainer and a perfect fit. Richard Parker got so comfortable in his role, he suggested to Frosted Flake Cereal company that their slogan should be; “Have Frosted Flakes for breakfast and give your life purpose”

Needless to say that slogan became the main tagline for Frosted Flakes Cereal across the world. Eventually Pi caught wind of all this media surrounding the New Tiger’s face and tag line for for Frosted Flakes and realized it was Richard Parker.

Now at this point , Pi is a middle aged man living in Canada with his own family. Eventually, while The Frosted Flakes company was touring the world with their new ad campaign, they made their way to Canada; “eh” lol.  Slang joke right there.

Pi made sure to be at the location he heard the Cereal gang was coming to.  When he saw Pi after all this time he heart was pounding.  As Pi approached the Tiger Richard Parker, Richard ran up to him and said; “your father was wrong, I did see you as my friend, I didn’t look back because i saw the two Japanese investigators approaching from a far to rescue you.  I didn’t want to be captured and killed”  — Pi felt the weight of the world just unravel off his shoulders.

Pi looked Richard straight in the eyes and said; ” How did you come up with that slogan: “Have Frosted Flakes for breakfast and give your life Purpose?”  Richard Parker said; “I got it from you Pi, I knew that keeping me alive took you into adulthood and gave your life purpose”

The End…..  The Movie Still would’ve been great.

The Movie Rewrite for “Thelma and Louise”

Thelma & Louise

Did you ever wish the movie “Thelma and Louise” ended differently ?

In the Rewrite, when they drive off the cliff, Thelma and Louise at exactly the precise time and altitude pulled their hidden parachutes and land on the border of Mexico.

After weeks of migrating, they were introduced to the late Mexican American Actor, Anthony Quinn’s son and daughter. The Quinn’s were in pre-development mode for their new movie company. They made an offer to Thelma and Louise because of their American backgrounds.

The four of them hatched the new Movie Company called “Amexico Studios” — Meanwhile, back over the border in the USA, the character that Brad Pitt played gets charged with burglary for what he stole from Thelma (Geena Davis).  As a result, he then also flees to Mexico.

Crazily enough, when looking for work, the Brad Pitt guy answers an ad for a movie company looking for a lead Actor in their first movie “If Anthony Quinn were alive today”  —  When the Brad Pitt guy showed up for the audition, the room was dead silent because of his actions back in the states.  Fortunately, Thelma and Louise believed in forgiveness.  After all, they had made a ton of mistakes also.  So Amexico Studios gives the Brad Pitt guy a break and gives him the leading role. For the sake of Karma, the Brad Pitt guy returns the money that he stole from Thelma and Louise.

Meanwhile, the Film “If Anthony Quinn were still Alive” wins Best Global Picture of year and the Brad Pitt Guy wins the award for Best Actor.   As a result of all the success, The USA pardons Thelma and Louise, as well as the Brad Pitt guy and invites them back to the states.  Ironically, the three of them declined and decided to stay in Mexico.

I guess this what Christopher Cross meant in the 1980 song, “Ride like the Wind”, when he sang the lyrics, ♫♫♫ And I’ve got such a long way to go (such a long way to go) to make it to the border of Mexico ♫♫♫

The End…. The movie still would’ve been great.

The Movie Rewrite for “Forrest Gump”

Forrest Gump

Did you ever wish the movie “Forrest Gump” ended differently ?

Hi and Welcome to the Movie Rewrite of Forrest Gump. If the term “ Trials and Tribulations “ ever suited someone, it would be Forrest Gump. What a full life of ups and downs he experienced. Everyone in life goes through things, but Forrest having been challenged physically with his legs as a kid, and having a very hard time learning in school had it even tougher. From the early days when kids picked on him, to being an outcast in college, not being with Jenny (the love of his life ), the Vietnam War and so on and so on. His life was almost too much for anyone to endure.

Let’s ease some of his pain. Forrest was born in 1944 in Greenbow Alabama, and at the age of 24 years old, he came across a book named “CHAЯLY “ in 1968. This book was about a mentally challenged man who underwent a surgical procedure that was increasing intelligence in mice. Forrest immediately went to California to speak to the person who wrote the book. He desperately wanted to know if it was based on a true story. Upon meeting the Author of the book, he was heartbroken to know it was fiction. Nonetheless the author pointed Forrest in the direction of a biotechnology company that specializes in altering Personal Genomics.

He pledged to the company to use him as an experiment, and if it goes badly, Forrest assumes all the risk. After all, Forrest had just spent several years in the Vietnam War, an experiment to enrich is life was not about to turn him away. The company agrees. They gave Forrest the same surgical procedure as the mice, and after a few days in ICU, he returns to Alabama.

Within 90 days of back to reality life, Forrest’s thought processes ramped up considerably. Not only did he know what love is, but he can speak of it and express it. He immediately goes to see Jenny and tells her of this miraculous change. He then explains to her what he has tried to say for a lifetime but has been unable to express. Jenny is dumbfounded and in total shock. She sees the difference in an instant, and realizes the reformed Forrest is the man of her dreams. Her only question now is; will the experiment last or will or wear off ?, Forrest answers the question by quoting his mother; “ Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get “

She acknowledged his point; love is worth the risk of the unknown. Now that Jenny and Forrest are together, there is no reason for her to fall into a life of drugs and promiscuity during the 1970’s where she was infected with HIV. Being she avoided that demise, Forrest, Jenny and little Forrest were cleared for take-off into a life of happiness and Joy.

The Gump family had such gratitude for their lives they wanted to give back. As we all remember Forrest invested in a Fruit Company called “ Apple Computer “ and became a gazillionaire. With this wealth, the Gumps funded that same bio tech company that gave Forrest a whole new life so they can do the same for countless others. Forrest and Jenny also decided to donate fortunes to ” The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation ” to help fight poverty and disease in Africa and other parts of the world.

Who would’ve ever thought a fictional book can change people’s lives around the world. Lieutenant Dan took his part of the Apple fortune, and invested in a Titanium Start up company for animals. This company specializes in giving quality of life back to handicapped animals. Lieutenant Dan always remembered how Titanium put him back on his feet to walk again.

The End….. The movie still would have been great.