Can a 10 pound Pomeranian become Potus ?

President's Day

Good morning friends.

A few hundred years ago people said there is No chance a 10 pound Pomeranian could ever be President of the United States.

People also said, “Even if a Pomeranian were to become president, which could Never happen, there is Zero chance he would ever be on Mount Rushmore as one of the Top 4 presidents in history

It goes to show you that hope, faith and love can defy all odds.

Happy President’s day friends.

Sammy Prefers Blonds

Sammy prefers blonds

Good morning friends.

Sundays are such a family kind of day. Sundays are our favorite morning of the week.

It looks like Sammy agrees considering the big smile on his face. Or is that smile because of the ole expression, “Gentlemen prefer blonds ??

Happy Sunday Funday friends.

Poppy Rocky Tuesday on February 7th, 2017

Poppy Rocky Tuesday on February 7th, 2017

Good morning friends.

Happy Poppy Rocky Tuesday. A day filled with hope and possibilities. Remember, if the Pops and Rocky can make it, anyone can.

Nobody had the deck stacked against them more than the Pops and Rocky. Love, faith and hope can trounce any odds.

OK, being today is the day of hope, let’s kick it off with two positive notions.

1. It never feels like the right time, but it’s always the right time to pursue what we love.

2. In order for something to change, we have to change something. Osmosis only works in the movies. In real life, we have to take an action.

Day 759 here in Puerto Rico and day 447 since we rescued Rocky.

Have a great Tuesday friends. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Nature With My Boy

Nature with my boy
Good morning friends.

Me and my boy were taking in a little nature yesterday. And when you’re only
one feet tall, any tree will do to be considered nature.

I was going through yesterday’s pictures last night and this one resonated the most with me.

If I drew a timeline of Sammy’s smile from 2005 to now in 2017, the one line on the chart that would be unshakable, would be his soulful smile.

That is why I was so captivated by this picture and wanted to share it with our friends from all over the world.

It’s the little things in life. This might just be a tree in front of the house, but to him, it’s a bridge back to nature where it all stared millions of years ago.

I guess it’s true what they say, “One’s perception is one’s reality”

Day 750 here in Puerto Rico. Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.

Poppy Rocky Tuesday on January 24th, 2017

Poppy Rocky Tuesday on January 24th, 2017

Good morning friends.

Happy Poppy Rocky Tuesday. A day filled with Hope and possibilities. Remember, if the Pops and Rocky can make it, anyone can.

The odds on all of us finding each other in Puerto Rico, were zero. But it happened anyway.

Hope, faith and love can defy all of the odds.

OK, let’s kick this day off with two positive notions.

1. Anytime you need a little lift to your spirits, listen to the song “Dancing Queen” by Abba. It’s bulletproof.

2. You are free the moment you don’t worry about what people think of you. While it’s nice to be well liked, it’s not a prerequisite for personal happiness. You’re the only requisite for that.

Day 745 in Puerto Rico, and day 433 since we rescued Rocky.

Happy Tuesday friends. There’s a lot of zeal in the air.

Can you feel it ?

Donkeys, Sheep and Italy

Donkeys, Sheep and Italy

Good evening friends.

So tonight, we’re heading to Italy for some heartwarming information on Farmers, donkeys and sheep. This picture comes to us from our great friend Gabriella Botalla-Bell. We did a post about her two Chihuahuas and a bunny rabbit last week if you all remember.

As you can see here, we have a donkey carrying two baby sheep. It’s the donkeys job to keep the baby sheep warm while the mother sheep eat grass. Donkeys can carry a lot more weight than sheep can.

These precious animals can be seen from Gabriella’s parents backyard. It’s pretty common in Italy to have all kinds of animals growing up together without any restrictions and cages.

I love that. It sounds like a little slice of heaven. Or as some people say, “Heaven on Earth.

My mother’s family is from Palermo, Sicily by the way. Looks like it’s time to visit Sicily’s countryside. My mother also tells me that’s where my temper comes from, lol.

As times marches on, despite being a city boy, I’ve learned to appreciate nature. I really had no understanding of how beautiful and healing nature can be. After 45 years in the city, I thought the whole world operated that way.

I would go years and years without ever seeing the ocean or mountain tops. I remember when I first got to Puerto Rico, I kept feeling such relief in my vision. And what I mean by that is, I did not have any skyscrapers obstructing my vision anymore. In NYC, the only way to see far is to look up.

In the Caribbean, you can just look out and your vision can be stretched very far, in some spots, endlessly far.

OK, sorry. That was quite a tangent, lol.

It’s great to be alive on January 23rd, 2017. It didn’t have to be this way. Thank God that it is.

Signing off from Puerto Rico on day 744, Scott Smith for Sammy & Family.


The Atlantic Ocean on day 743 in Puerto Rico

The Atlantic Ocean on day 743 in Puerto Rico

Good morning friends.

Sammy and I wanted to swing by and give everyone a little boost to their Sunday Funday.

Anytime you’re driving along the shoreline, pull over and get a picture. We’re in the digital age now. You can’t just drive by the ocean and Not get a picture. That’s crazy talk.

In case anyone struggled with Geography in high school like I did, this body of water behind us is “The Atlantic Ocean”

When I arrived in Puerto Rico on January 11th, 2015, I can’t really say I knew that, lol. Well now I do know. Today is day 743 in Puerto Rico by the way.

I love Sunday mornings. It’s my favorite day of the week. It’s such a newspaper and coffee kind of morning.

It’s the one day we let imagination in the door and back into our lives. On Sundays, we get to be us again. The people we set out to be from the very beginning.

I always wanted to be the guy that was 47 years old standing in front of the Atlantic Ocean holding a 10 pound Pomeranian.

Who did you want to be ?

Friendship Across Specie Lines

Friendship Across Specie Lines

Good evening friends.

Every now and then someone catches a picture that is an instant classic. We all see hundreds and hundreds of images everyday. We are almost desensitized by photos at this point.

When i saw this picture in my news feed, the light bulb went off in my head. I immediately knew this picture was very special.

This photograph comes to us from our great friend, Gill Griffith out of the UK. The young woman in the picture is Gill’s daughter, Helen. Also in the picture is the Pony that Helen rides.

I was telling Gill a few days ago that this image was a perfect depiction of what animals kindness is all about. When we show love and kindness to an animal, no matter what their might, they’ll be the gentlest of giants.

Gill, thank you for letting me share this with our friends from around the world. Helen, nice to meet you. One of the best pictures I’ve seen in a long time.

Love is the Universal Language. All species speak it.